Should students be allowed to fight in school?

Posted by: REmixer

  • Yes, some lessons are learned better through experience

  • No, school is for education and focus.

62% 13 votes
38% 8 votes
  • Now before you attack me about this let me say what I mean. If you are attacked first then you should be able to defend youself without getting punished.

  • On one hand, I agree that school is for education & focus. On the other hand, I find it redundant that kids now-a-days gets arrested for getting into fights at school. Kids need to learn self-defense when they're getting bullied. How are they supposed to if fighting is against the law? This whole idea of outlawing school fighting is only teaching them to be helpless & weak when they're being attacked or bullied. Why can't we just go back to when kids will only get suspended if they fight in school? That sounds fair enough!

  • The only way to get through to a bully is to speak in his own language, the only language he understands. Anything less, he regards as he got away with it, which ensures more to come. Standing up to the bully also earns the respect of other kids, especially if they too were targets. When enough stand up to him, the bully usually fades away.

  • I'd say fighting shouldn't be allowed, but i do say that standing up for yourself, and defending yourself from a bully should not have consequences.

  • As a human person with rational thinking abilities, I have to say it shouldn't be allowed, but boy wouldn't it have been great if it was allowed when I was in high school: that's be great.

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JungleTrekker1995 says2015-09-06T08:34:46.5367968Z
I kinda forgot to click the add comment to vote option so i'm gonna comment here. Fighting in schools should be allowed to help solve conflicts and teach students of self defense.
Black-Jesus says2015-09-06T14:20:04.4675145Z
You certainly should be able to defend yourself without punishment, but you shouldn't be allowed to instigate a fight
Haroush says2015-09-06T19:10:56.6317813Z
Agreed @ Black Jesus
Bluepaintcan123 says2015-09-13T18:23:28.6090659Z
Why do you guys think fighting in school should be allowed? That would just let bullies beat the crap out of people who don't know how to defend themselves. Also "teaching them how to defend themselves" would not work. Some students wouldn't want to fight back (at least I wouldn't.) There are bullies who are huge and impossible for a small person to do anything to, much less take them down. Teaching children that violence is alright in general is stupid too. Why bother trying to get an adult or someone that can actually handle the situation when you can just give someone a black eye? No thank you. It's just great to know that people want to encourage impulsive and bad choices in young impressionable children. I agree that going to an adult won't always solve the problem, but letting them fight would end even worse. Just imagine if the loser decided to get his friends to gang up on the winner of the fight? People are sore losers. Running isn't you being a b*tch, it's just you making a smart decision.
Haroush says2015-09-13T18:26:38.0335454Z
@Bluepaint, You must know nothing about martial arts.. When someone acquires this knowledge (well, certain types of martial arts), it doesn't matter how big they are except for the fact they will fall harder.
Haroush says2015-09-13T18:33:02.9036125Z
No one is saying you shouldn't avoid a fight, but what people are saying is if you have to defend yourself, you should be able to without reaping consequences for simply preventing further harm to yourself.
Wylted says2015-09-13T18:45:12.3174882Z
I think implementing a boxing program in some schools would be beneficial.
Haroush says2015-09-13T18:54:03.5320934Z
Yeah, I think they should have boxing in schools as a sport. I don't feel as if it would cause more problems. If anything it would solve more problems.
Bluepaintcan123 says2015-09-13T19:03:52.0942018Z
Defending yourself and allowing students to fight in school (which is what the question is asking) is totally different. If the question was worded "should students be allowed to defend themselves without repercussions " then I would have said yes, but it doesn't. Also yes, I don't know anything about martial arts. Neither do most people who get bullied. I'm sure they'd be thinking the same thing I am, especially since they're not trained in martial arts. Why do people even need to solve problems with violence? Violence only causes more problems. Just like with my example before, people are sore losers. They'll only want to fight again if they lost. Even if they won, they'd still want to. Shouldn't rational thinking be the way to get out of situations like that?

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