Should students in middle school be allowed to go home/out for lunch?

Posted by: sara_ann_dee

  • Yes

  • No

74% 23 votes
26% 8 votes
  • I pack my lunch everyday for school because the food is nasty. They also don't give us enough time to eat. I don't get all the nutrients for lunch because I don't pack a lot because I don't have time to eat it. If they let us go home or go out for lunch 1. they will have to give us more time to eat and 2. It'll give us actual good food. But they should still keep the cafeteria for the people that have no ride home or somewhere else

  • The reason why we should is because school lunches can be nasty and if they want they should be able to go and eat were they want but, there should be rules at a certain time to be back to the school.

  • Absolutely. All liberty-respecting Americans should agree that students have rights, too.

  • I thought this was a free country?

  • as long as there are fast food restraunts within a 5 minute walk from the school, or their parents come pick them should be allowed.

  • Hi all, There are several reasons I picked this answer, and I'll present them all. 1. Lack of Resources We all know that schools do not have alot of money. Most of the schools are already receiving funds from the government, which means they are not getting a lot of money. Imagine the amount of fuel and human capital required to transport all those kid back home during the day. Thats doubling the miles that each bus is required to drive, wasting fuel and halving the life span of the transports. Thus it is extremely inefficient to transport all of those kids back home. 2. Parents Working Even if the schools allowewd kids to go back home during lunch, I suspect that nearly none of the parents would drive all the way back from work (which most of them attend) just so their kid does not need to eat lunch at the school. Also we have a supreme waste of resources once again. 3. Changing from a Work Environment to a Play Environment We all know how hard it is to get up in the morning to go to school. Imagine if kids were given the option to go back home and face the same challenge again. Kids would also start playing video games and their minds would be taken off school. Response to Main Argument for the Other Side 1. School Lunches are Nasty The way you solve unnutritional lunches and nasty tasting food is by getting better resource providers, not sending the kids home. Need I say more? 2. Students have rights Just because students have rights does not mean you allow them to go home and take their minds off school and waste resources. Thus, sending kids home for lunch is not a good idea. When kids stay at school they stay in a learning mode.

  • Because Middle Schoolers are not responsible enough to be allowed to go out at lunch. Simple as that.

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snkcake666 says2016-03-09T03:56:46.3319446Z
@arrowjaw See, the thing about the first point is, they are essentially trying to sell "food", using money that they have already collected in tax dollars. That said, they are literally expecting people to pay twice for the lunches at school.

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