Should students wear school uniforms

Posted by: haydoneos12

I think no students should not because it dosent add any thing at all

  • It does not add power to schools

  • I think there is no point to have school uniforms

26% 10 votes
74% 29 votes
  • Uniforms take student's attention off looks, makes them more aware of school's serious values, and helps students perform better as a group since it sends the message that no one is better or worse than one another.

  • On school tours its easier to pick your friends/students out in the crowd so prevents pupils going missing. When everyone looks the same in school it can reduce the risk of bullying due to students looking "more fashionable" than their peers. A school uniform does not distract students while in the class room as no one is wearing anything different to be examined

  • School uniforms mean that people cannot be judged by other people about what they are wearing and people can focus on the true values of school, the main one being to learn.

    Posted by: Sowo
  • many of you may think that a uniform would limit student's chance to individualization, but no.A uniform makes a student individualize not by look or other less important criterion but more important criterions like school results or his/her personality

    Posted by: Vlad00
  • Children these days cannot make clothing decisions for themselves, They clearly cannot tell what is appropriate and what is not. This will solve that problem.

  • Who needs uniforms? America is a free country! What if some families can't afford uniforms? They wouldn't fit in and live a terrible school life. Why not just be proud of your own clothes?

  • No, school uniforms are demeaning and an outdated concept. Personally I believe that there should be no dress code as it is extremely sexist and is usually discriminatory towards students with lower GPA's than ones with higher GPA's.

  • Uniforms? If students must wear uniforms, they cannot express their creativity. Plus, the price for the uniforms is way to high for most schools.

  • hate school uniforms

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cyber_onions says2017-01-20T02:36:11.2506255Z
As someone who has been to school in both uniform/non-uniform schools (in Canada and Australia) there's a couple of differences I noticed: In the school that had no uniforms, there seemed to be much more bullying/teasing about appearance, and more pressure to conform to certain looks. This pressure is then passed onto the parent, who may not be able to afford all the 'cool' clothes that the kid wants to help them fit in. In the schools with uniforms, this wasn't an issue. However, it was easier when it came to doing laundry, because you had a wider variety of clothes to choose from and so didn't have to worry about always having a uniform washed. In the schools with uniforms, you didn't have as much choice over what to wear (out uniforms didn't include shoes/hair, so you could still do them how you wanted), but nobody seemed to really care because it was the norm, and I guess young kids in primary school probably don't care that much about how they look (maybe they would do if they had more choice?). This also helped on field trips because it was easy to see at a glance where all the students were. Though it seems some of the arguments against school uniforms are 'because it encourages conformism' and 'because it's expensive', I actually found that having no school uniform meant more conformism - kids were pressured to look a certain way, and if you didn't have the 'right' clothes you'd be excluded - and school uniforms were inexpensive compared to a lot of other clothes. Just my personal experience anyway.
vincent_the_fritz007 says2017-02-06T08:31:14.9840103Z
Hello Dear Reader, I’m against and for school uniform. Here are some arguments. First of all: The arguments for school uniform. You won’t be judge by other pupils, because everybody wears the same. Second, it is a unit, because everyone has the same clothes on. Ex: The will and the cohesion is stronger. It gives a link to your school, because everyone can see that you are from that certain school. Ex: When outstanding people you see they recognise that you are from that school. And last but not least it’s quicker in the morning, because you don’t have to choose clothes in the morning, because you pretty much always wear the same. Ex: Us, we are wearing everyday pretty much the same. On the other side, against school uniform: It is not possible that we buy clothes for lot of money and then can’t wear them the most time of the week. I have a lots of clothes home, but I can’t wear them, because I have to wear school uniform. So i spent money on things I don’t need. Which brings me to my second argument. It’s boring, because you always wear the same clothes. Ex: We wear every day that we are in school, our school uniform. Sometimes school uniforms are really expensive, like in England, because they have suit. Ex: England. And the last thing, there is no personality, if you wear school uniform, because everyone in the school has the same clothes on and looks the same. And the last thing they are mostly bad looking and uncomfortable.

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