Should Students Wear Uniforms?

Posted by: izzyxgxng

Poll closed on 11/22/2016 at 6:10PM.
  • Students Should Wear Uniforms

  • Students Shouldn't Wear Uniforms

44% 11 votes
56% 14 votes
  • Uniforms are good for numerous reasons: They unify people and help lower discrimination because you take the factor of what people are wearing out of the equation. It stops people looking like complete scruffs. Whilst uniforms do cost a lot you dont have to bother buying a large wardrobe so people dont think you are unclean and wear the same clothes all the time.

  • And so should teachers.

  • Proven to be beneficial with no negatives.

  • people should be able to wear what they want but still be appropriate.

  • School uniforms may limit distractions; however, it is also limiting the ability of the student to express their individuality.

    Posted by: riana
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dbda says2016-05-26T14:10:07.7180436Z
Charlatte says2019-03-08T22:57:00.6693284Z
"Proven to be beneficial with no negatives" that I know is BS and specifically the no negatives part, Negatives are lack of expression for the students, Money, More policing of students, And could possibly be sexist. I know there are positives obviously for everything but that means there would also be a negative side too.

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