Should the United States actively work to destroy ISIS?

What do you think?

  • Absolutely!

  • Absolutely Not!

96% 54 votes
4% 2 votes
  • The US needs to make a choice: destroy ISIS or don't. Currently, the US is wasting money, time, and lives by not making a choice. ISIS needs to be destroyed. They've done horrible things to people, and destroyed priceless historic relics. ISIS: 100,00 soldiers, some money, some AFV's, no allies US: 1,042,000 soldiers, lots of money, lots of AFV's, lots of allies (though admittedly many of them are useless)

  • Everyone should be working to stopping ISIS. Including Muslims against ISIS

    Posted by: SegBeg
  • They hurt people, destroy artifacts, and ruin the reputation of peaceful Muslims worldwide

  • Hell yea

  • Yes because Islam is a cancer to the world and cannot exist peacefully

  • Let the Russians deal with them in Syria, while the US deals with them in Iraq.

    Posted by: Kenroy
  • Isis is a killing machine and will never stop. It has no respect to humanity or nature as is violent and blood thirsty. All of them, the whole group is a blood sucking bunch of terrorists.

  • ISIS sucks

  • We need to get rid of Isis immediately. They are gaining support and resources from other groups throughout the world. we need to obliterate Isis at any cost.

  • ISIS isn't as strong as it once was, but its still able to launch offensives, into the countries that its associated in and based in. Especially how Iraq was just able to get its men and women of their armed forces together and well organised and that their just now capable to defend their territory. I think that a decisive and quick U.S offensive into ISIS held territory would be beneficial to all sides( you know besides the debt).


  • ISIS is honestly not as huge as we think it is, at the moment we are in enough domestic trouble to collapse weaker countries. We need to focus on fixing things here (ESPECIALLY the debt) before we can help other countries. Of course I think ISIS is bad, and I want them to be eliminated, but we're in enough economic trouble.

    Posted by: Womp
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NiteVolfenSepere says2017-03-17T16:55:46.4988743Z
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