Should US public schools teach gun safety classes?

Posted by: youtheotube

  • Yes, Gun safety should be taught in schools.

  • No, Gun safety should not be taught in schools.

68% 13 votes
32% 6 votes
  • Protect students against gunmen

    Posted by: Easan
  • I want to say no because it exposes children to violence, but I can't count how many times I've turned on the news and saw a report on how some kid shot another kid because they tought it was a toy gun/didn't know what a gun was. If kids were teached what guns are and how dangerous they can be, these accidents could be easily avoided.

  • Proper knowledge comes with safety.

  • I mean, if we can teach abstinence, we should teach at least a little safety/self-defense.

  • They are already taught this through programs like DARE and Eddie Eagle. While the latter may be less effective than the former, according to two independent studies, programs which teach kids the dangers of guns and how to resolve problems without violence are all that is really needed. We don't need to teach kids how to use, clean, and store firearms. We just need to tell them if you see a gun, leave it alone and find an adult, and that guns are not playthings, but they are very dangerous and possibly deadly.

  • No, if a parent wants to let their child have a gun, they should be responsible for taking that child to a place that teaches gun safety and children do not need to be allowed guns in school and universities. Studies have shown that even seasoned cops cannot react quickly enough to thwart a gunman who surprise attacks in a classroom or a crowd. So, how would a citizen with minimal training be effective in anything but getting their-self or more people killed? It is like religion, not all people are gun nuts and shouldn't have to be around that fodder. It should not be mandatory.

    Posted by: maslow
  • That's is just raw shit! we shouldn't be taught such

  • If parents want to have their kids taught gun safety, then they should teach them or have a private instructor teach them. There is too much controversy over this topic already and it's time to leave the topic alone.

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