• No, they are infant killers

  • Yes, due to many reasons. Like:

83% 15 votes
17% 3 votes
  • Yes for strategic military reasons. Yes their culture is appalling, but it is not America's business to change the world.

    Posted by: maslow
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trotskyist1337 says2016-06-04T11:00:50.7004393Z
Saudi arabia has committed countless tortures and de-humanizing acts that go against human rights. They stone people to death in public. They cut peoples hands off as punishment. They lash people. They imprison people for being atheistic and expressing their views. They decapitate people. They violate freedom of speech and human rights in general
DebaterGood says2016-06-04T12:42:46.2516413Z
Although Saudi Arabia commits torture, the U.S does as well. The U.S should support Saudi Arabia since it holds an extremely large oil reserve. Good relations with Saudi Arabia allow for the logistical prices of oil to continue to decrease.
Vox_Veritas says2016-06-04T17:26:21.1765203Z
This serves as a conflict of interests between American democratic and human rights idealism and the strategic interests of the United States. Both cannot prevail, and in my opinion it is in our best interests to maintain close ties with Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the western values which the United States endorses are not necessarily universal. We would certainly hate to be ruled by Sharia Law, but that's been the way of life in the Middle East for over a thousand years. Who are we to dismantle it in favour of our value system?

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