• Yes

  • No

45% 17 votes
55% 21 votes
  • Yes! Vaccines prevent diseases from spreading and infecting others. It's as simple as that.

  • Vaccines save lives. Often people who don't like needles themselves stop their own children having them and putting them at risk.

  • This is like asking if an employee at a restaurant has to wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Ugh.

    Posted by: bhakun
  • Of course not! What ever happened to liberty?

  • Obviously not. Give up a little liberty for security and you will lose both. Look up phillipines vaccine scandal for an example of what you get when governments are allowed to choose what you have to have injected into your body.

  • Well obviously we would want people to vaccinate because it is for the greater health benefit of everyone. If fact it is especially important because unfortunately for some people are physiologically unresponsive to vaccines , meaning that their only protection is hoping that they don't come in contact with someone who has the disease. This means that even if you understand the risk of not vaccinating your decision could just by chance negatively impact someone else. However, how would we enforce such a law? Would we get a group of police or government officials to tie people down and inject foreign liquids into their bodies? Would we be fine with a society which subjugates people to such procedures against their will? In all eventuality what we can do is educate people about the benefits of vaccinations and try our best as a society to promote the practice. Hopefully due to better public education and ethical scientific practice individuals will recognise the importance and benefit of vaccinating.

    Posted by: sbrn3
  • no because i want to dye of cancer

  • Its our right and shouldn't be mandatory. The process of vaccination permanently binds a virus to your body and people have had reactions to them and lived the rest of their life hospitalized because they can't be cured and the government has made it so no legal action can be taken against those that give out the vaccines. Its ruined peoples lives and in no way should be enforced.

  • Sometimes people have their own personal reasons why they don't want to get vaccine and taking vaccine is a risk to your health just like anything else

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