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Yes,we should

Romeo and Juliet law does not bring any benefit.Teen pregnancy in United States is among the highest in the world.According to the Unicef report shows that United States teenage birth rate of 52.1 is the highest in the developed world.Also there are...  many children and teens being infected by STD.Romeo and Juliet law might prohibit sex between minor and adults,but this does not make the situation any better than before.One-third of child sex offender commit against toward another child is 35.9 % high according to the statistic   more
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No,it should not

Romeo and Juliet should not abolish because it protect children against sexual abuse and exploitation.
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countdooku says2015-09-08T07:15:50.8462523Z
Yes we should abolish romeo and juliet law and rise the age of consent to 18.This can help to reduce teen pregnancy rate and STD's infection.
countdooku says2015-09-08T07:17:52.0457599Z
If we don't take in charge then it's our foolishness.I didn't say fallen in love with someone is wrong,but there should be an age limit and childhood is definitely not the age.So we as parents ans legal guardian have to control what our children doing.
countdooku says2015-09-08T07:19:20.7652347Z
I have my first love and sex when i am 21 years old.When i was a child i am not interested in love or explore my sexual curious.Why should children begin early age in having sex?They aren't mature yet.
countdooku says2015-09-08T07:21:16.5670039Z
According to the FBI Data statistic prove us that 35.8 % are juvenile child molesters who commit sexual violence against our children .This is horrible !!!
countdooku says2015-09-08T07:22:13.0404519Z
Yes abolish romeo and juliet law now !!!To save our children life and well being.
lordsidious says2015-09-08T07:27:33.5194691Z
If we don't involve now,then perhaps our children have to suffer lifelong .
lordsidious says2015-09-08T07:29:18.0421491Z
Children tend to frequently mistake often than an adults,so they shouldn't join adult activity such as having sex,smoking,driving,and other activities.
OpinionPersom121 says2015-09-08T07:37:27.6709527Z
To be honest I do not even understand why they created the law in the first place
dilordious says2015-09-08T07:41:08.0396216Z
Many people don't realize and are not aware of the fact that there are many children as also are being sexual victimized by another children under 18 years age.So if we abolish this nonsense and stupid romeo and juliet law and make sex with children under 18 illegal no matter the defendant at any age would make a lot sense and can save children life from sexual abuse and exploitation.
stephannoi says2015-09-08T07:48:32.0787325Z
What both lordsidious and dilordious is right and you guys can make a very good argument.I agree that childhood age is not the appropiated age to have sex .Having sex is an adult activity not for children.
stephannoi says2015-09-08T07:50:48.8404257Z
Just like driving cars,smoking,drinking alcohol,voting,and other activities for grown up people.
stephannoi says2015-09-08T07:53:15.0338255Z
Yes i agree with you dilordious.35.9% of all child molestation crime commit by children under 18 themselve.So romeo and juliet law is deeply flawed and ineffective.Does not help to prevent crime such as child sexual abuse.
countdooku says2015-09-08T08:05:14.0437384Z
So it seems we mistrust child acts.So if we allow them do what they want to do,there are high risk that our children will be sexually abused and exploit by those child sex offenders.
stephannoi says2015-09-08T08:09:18.4960015Z
Well,my cousin is a police and he know the best about statistical fact about sexual abuse.
stephannoi says2015-09-08T08:10:18.0415832Z
You are right countdooku.I think teens under 18 deserve to get charged for staturoty rape.
stephannoi says2015-09-08T08:11:44.7781392Z
Ban all sexual interaction with a child under 18 would be the best option.
Overthrown says2015-09-08T09:56:40.4792960Z
We should abolish it because it does nothing but put more people in prison. People are not going to stop loving someone just because a law says they cant.
countdooku says2015-09-08T09:58:17.5028914Z
TBR says2015-09-08T15:38:35.5374310Z
Who you going to charge? Both of them? Teens have sex,that happens. Deal with it in another way
Hawlucha says2015-09-08T17:10:14.4166800Z
Teens are sexually active by the age of 16. I know that from personal experience (I'm 19 now). I advocate for the sexual age of consent to be 16, though I also argue that the limit of age to have sex with a 16-year old should be a 5-year difference in seniority, that being 21 as anyone older would probably manipulate the girl.
TBR says2015-09-08T17:13:00.9208409Z
Within a couple years is better. Five years is a huge difference in the 16-21 range.
dilordious says2015-09-14T06:59:32.3110417Z
The reason why we should abolish this law because there shouldn't be any exemption age for minor under age of consent.When people are under age of consent they aren't legally to have sex
dilordious says2015-09-14T07:00:43.9311008Z
So by allowing exemption age for minor under age of consent,could lead easily exploitation and abuse among minor.
dilordious says2015-09-14T07:02:04.5212174Z
What countdooku said is right.There are many children as well being sexually abuse by other children or juvenile under age of 18.
dilordious says2015-09-14T07:02:42.2266591Z
This type of abuse called ''child on child sexual abuse'' in which there is no adult involve.
countdooku says2015-09-14T07:07:27.2980448Z
I have recently heard on the news few month ago in UK that a teen at age 16 sexual assault on a 9 years old.
countdooku says2015-09-14T07:10:04.4252736Z
Or a teen at age 16 abducting an 11 years old girl and raped her.
countdooku says2015-09-14T07:18:26.0405352Z
Five boys age between 14-15 have been arrested on suspicion of raping and assault by touching two 12 years old.
dilordious says2015-09-14T07:21:04.3845952Z
Yes,you are right count.Sexual abuse/exploitation can always happen,it can also happen between two consenting minors.
dilordious says2015-09-14T07:23:01.2471916Z
Therefore the age of consent law is to protect children from all form of sexual abuse/exploitation.And minor under age of consent should be forbidden by law to have sex.
lordsidious says2015-09-14T07:27:24.3791384Z
I will review you guys the accurate statistic data about child sexual abuse.My wife is a member of children rights organisation,perhaps she know better than me.I have to ask her.
lordsidious says2015-09-14T07:29:12.5679124Z
And she don't support romeo and juliet law .
lordsidious says2015-09-14T07:30:45.9051056Z
And i don't support this law either.
dilordious says2015-09-14T09:32:45.5971852Z
Well,i am glad that wisconsin and california does not apply this law.
dilordious says2015-09-14T09:35:33.1454812Z
I have my first love and sex when i am 20 years old.People can wait and be patient until they reach the age of consent or become legally adult to have sex.Once you reach the age of consent you can have sex at any time nobody bothers you.
dilordious says2015-09-14T09:39:52.3149264Z
When i was a kid i don't even want to think of having sex.I don't have any girlfriend until i am 18 and leave the highschool.Children should not experiment things that they supposed not to do because of their age and immaturity.
dilordious says2015-09-14T09:46:24.4153800Z
You can befriend and be kind to each other.And do other activities that is appropriate for the age and is not harmful.
dilordious says2015-09-14T09:51:48.8724992Z
Having sex require informed consent and decision in which children still have lack of this ability and they often make big mistake in life.
dilordious says2015-09-14T09:53:32.2563500Z
@countdooku Can you show me a list statistic on how frequently teen abuse children or commit child molestation ?
dilordious says2015-09-14T10:00:52.4216360Z
@ lordisidious Well teen pregnancy and STD's infection is not the only problem that cause by teen sex.I believe there are many other negatives effect that coming along too.
countdooku says2015-09-14T10:05:33.9776552Z
@dilordious Yes,i can show you.But i have to google it first or find it from newspaper article.
lordsidious says2015-09-14T10:10:10.1951610Z
Here is the fact : Juvenile account for more than one third(35.6%) of those known to police to have committed sex offenses against minors.
lordsidious says2015-09-14T10:11:53.9514261Z
Juvenile who commit sex offenses against other children are more likely to offend in groups and at schools and to have more male victims and younger victims.
lordsidious says2015-09-14T10:16:27.3275785Z
The number of youth coming to the attention of police for sex offenses increase sharply at age 12 and plateaus after age 14.Early adolescence is the peak age for offenses against younger children.
lordsidious says2015-09-14T10:20:44.1832250Z
Juvenile sex offenders are also much more likely to target young children as their victims.The proportion of victims younger than the age of 12 is 59 percent for juvenile sex offenders.
lordsidious says2015-09-14T10:27:17.5241464Z
Juvenile sex offenders more commonly target other juveniles who are somewhat younger than they are,signaling a clear relationship between the age of juvenile sex offenders and the age of victims.When juvenile sex offenders are age 15 to 17 ,the mean age of their victims is between 11 and 13.However when victims are younger than age of 12,there is a marked peak for offending by 13 or 14 years old.
lordsidious says2015-09-14T10:31:12.3368516Z
Youth age 15 and older primarily target postpubescent victims.
lordsidious says2015-09-14T10:35:25.5420747Z
Although most juvenile sex offenders are teenagers about 16 percent of those who come to police attention are younger than age 12.
lordsidious says2015-09-14T10:44:35.9760031Z
Table 3 : Characteristics of juvenile sex offenders who victimize minors offender age (years) Female Male 6-8 10.6 % 4.4% 9-11 20.6% 10.0% 12-14 38.3% 37.9% 15-17 30.4% 47.7%
lordsidious says2015-09-14T10:57:15.0612690Z
Offender younger than the age 12 are somewhat more likely than offenders age 12 or older to be female and to offend in multiple offender and multiple victim episode.Younger offenders are also somewhat more likely to offend against family members and in a residential environment.
dilordious says2015-09-14T11:09:28.3531700Z
@ lordsidious Thanks a lot for you credible information source statistic.
dilordious says2015-09-14T11:20:41.0202815Z
I am quite surprise how teen could do such a heinous stuff.
lordsidious says2015-09-14T11:23:25.7417374Z
@dilordious Why are you appalled and surprise about that ?There is nothing unusual.Teen commit serious crime all the time.
lordsidious says2015-09-14T11:27:18.5732299Z
Has you though that they are different than adult offender?Of course not,they can distinguish from right and wrong,they have capacity of complex understanding,they are able to held responsibility and foresee the consequence.Teen are no difference than adult and should be tried as an adult when they are 14 years old or over.
lordsidious says2015-09-14T11:28:37.4161353Z
A 14 years old should be tried as adult when they commit crime.
countdooku says2015-09-15T04:21:53.2495384Z
@dilordious ,,You sounds like you have never seen teen commit a crime before.Why are you surprise about that ? What so special that a younger person commit crime ?
countdooku says2015-09-15T04:25:38.4057817Z
I don't feel anything unusual or uncommon about that.
countdooku says2015-09-15T04:31:33.1832559Z
It has always has happen before that there a teens who abuse children.But this type of crime mostly go unreported maybe because the victim feel threaten,ashamed,or whatever other reason it is.
countdooku says2015-09-15T04:32:20.3111580Z
And people don't recognize or realize it.
stephannoi says2015-09-15T04:50:33.9249683Z
Well,if the situtation turns out that way,then perhaps abolish this stupid nonsense romeo and juliet,for godsaken to save our children life from abuse.

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