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BrendanD19 says2016-03-09T20:20:40.1926081Z
Banning it is unnecessary, we need to make it obsolete
TBR says2016-03-09T22:22:01.3151112Z
themightyindividual says2016-03-21T00:55:45.9336922Z
I just posted this to see people's reactions and because I know there would be one guy who voted yes.
pipster229 says2016-06-07T01:20:08.2882143Z
Why would you ban it? It makes money and makes gas so you can go places. It also makes all plastic which is in EVERYTHING.
themightyindividual says2016-06-25T18:26:02.0125393Z
Environmentalists' erection for nature is uncanny and economically destructive.
Icanilam says2016-07-07T12:09:49.7395505Z
Banning oil will cause a people to suffer job loss, and things will just get worse, and creating materials or tools will die down and factories that create the mechanics we use will die down too, banning it is completely unnecessary.

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