Should we clean up our language when debating sex?

Posted by: JernHenrik

Less "FÅCK" more "sleeping together"

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OpinionPersom121 says2015-09-15T19:08:53.2295041Z
Oh my gosh lol on that bunny picture little cute bunnies doing their business :D
chandlerrouse says2015-09-15T20:16:55.7367331Z
Yes if there were serious debaters an not adolescent children [males] trying to "fit" in with their peers.
Kreakin says2015-09-16T00:03:53.7241513Z
@JernHenrik "Sex is the violent domination of another human". No that would be rape if there was no consent. You need help.
reece says2015-09-16T02:33:43.4995597Z
Depends if it's formal or informal debating.
TBR says2015-09-16T04:28:44.7874583Z
I have never seen this sort of thing in a debate. Do you have an example?
Mister_Man says2015-09-16T14:29:59.9720475Z
@Chandlerrouse - Using all the words in the language doesn't make someone immature. It also doesn't take away from the validity of one's argument, or seriousness of the debate. I can be serious while still using words that you decide to label "bad." If anything, you're the "adolescent" one here by crying over words. Also saying it's "men trying to fit in" is just ridiculous, lol.
chandlerrouse says2015-09-16T15:35:16.5304695Z
Mister man the fact you are defending such little decorum just validate the fact you wish to be an immature adolescent in a sexs debate, sad but true, grow up.

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