• No

  • Yes

59% 49 votes
41% 34 votes
  • If we are providing free college tuition to all students, we are forcing taxpayers to pay for the pursuit of higher education that young people aspire to. We are telling the taxpayer that it is their moral and economic obligation to cough up extra money so that a random high school graduate someone else in the nation can go to college without student loan and debt burdens. Does it sound nice? Sure. But it's also incredibly economically feasible, along with the rest of the "dude free sh*t lmao" promises that the Bernie campaign promises people. #FeelTheBernInYourWallet

  • There is not a single advantage of restricting access to education. There is enough stupidity around us anyway. All countries with no free education are just overall less educated, easier to manipulate, and being really really bullied by more educated ones. Paying tax, we have a right to live in a society of all educated people!

  • Because the only possible way for college to be free is through forcing labor without pay. Else, it is not free- simply stolen from tax dollars.

  • "Free" is a word that many people are drawn to, but unfortunately that comes with a price, that everyone has to pay, even if they aren't planning on going to college. College is way too expensive, but having it free would put in the hands of government entirely.

  • No, we shouldn't have "free" college. The reason we have such high student debt is because we thought if we give students loans more will go, graduate, and repay those loans. The exact opposite happened, students took the loans and dropped out. And we do have free college, it's called scholarship and is rewarded to those who push themselves to excel.

  • No. TANSTAAFL. Besides, even if you taxed the rich at 100%, it wouldn't be enough to pay for "free" college (youtube.com/watch?v=0e50fQLyebI).

  • I'm all for subsidization, complete nationalization seems a step too far though.

  • If someone has the intellect and drive to go to a good school/college, they should be able to find a way to get there, whether that be by scholarship or work. Those who do not want to work hard and put the effort into getting to college should not get a free ride. Hard work is necessary to growth, and if someone is to lazy to work he should not get benefits for it. If the student works hard but is unable to go, then maybe someone can donate to him. But the government should not force people to pay for other's laziness.

  • Why should people who worked hard in High School, got good grades, and got scholarships be treated the same as those who screwed off during high school. If everyone has the same amount of education what does that mean for the person who worked hard throughout their school. Also, why should people who have already went through the process of college and have built a business which is making them millions/billions of dollars have to pay for your education. What do you think these businesses are going to do when you tax them more? They are going to leave the United States!

  • A college degree isn't a "right", it's a privilege. Too many people deliberately confuse the two for their own self-interests, especially when it's on someone elses dime. It's a privilege which should be earned. College degrees are also becoming increasingly worthless, due to a combination of too many people going to college and too many dumbed down degrees being made available by universities. A college degree now is often worth what a high school diploma used to be worth. Adding even more college grads will just further devalue the degree. And don't think that those getting a free college education will appreciate it in any way. The more people are given, the more they think they are entitled to demand.

  • Absolutely not. There is no such thing as free. Taxpayers will be paying for it and the quality of education will plummet.

  • This question is really relevant to the new zealand society. Personally I think that tertiary education specifically colleges should not be free. Running a college is no easy feat, running each department and providing an atmosphere for the best learning environment requires a lot of money. And this money has to come from somewhere. And that is from the taxpayer. The cost involved in providing free college is just to great for all taxpayers to contribute to even though the cause is well worth it. By providing

  • There is no such thing as "free college". College has to be paid some how, or another. Also, college is not public school, it (college) includes unambiguous courses that is distinctive to it's vocation. Having to shovel the cost of a(n) extended free education would simply cost too much for the U.S. government and citizens. If you want to go to college, here's an idea: Do good in High School. Save money. Work, and work. And save some more money. It's irritating how college is so astronomically expensive , but how does that make the argument of free college any better?

  • The federal government is allready spending money out of control, with this it would just be worse. Also, taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for other people's kids to go to college.

  • Providing free college in this country will NEVER happen unfortunately because what most people cannot see in this situation is that fact that you need a socialist country to achieve this goal. What makes this even more funny is the fact that Bernie Sanders only said this to appeal his vote to the young voters. Like they say, democrats will do anything and everything to get votes. Although, this has not applied as a good idea to me. If college is free, I would be controlled from point A to point B and I would not be able to choose my own major or even a career that I want! I would probably end up working for the government which will lead onto the fact that now the government has the ability to turn this country into a communism country along the lines of "equality" with income amongst all the people of America. It wouldn't be so much the "free" America that most people want.

  • Everybody should have equal access to education but it would be difficult to find another way to finance free colleges.

    Posted by: 124275
  • unless all the teachers, etc want to work for free, then no. Enough of this forcing people to do, not do, or pay for what they do not want- - - it is wrong and will produce bad results. Anyone who votes yes to this question is an enemy of freedom.

  • lower the price, free colleges would be government funded and just as worthless as high school

  • Increasing the income tax with 1% for the upper 1% could probably pay for College for the entire United States youth.

  • Circumstance is often a bigger contributor to a person's overall success. People may not be in the same financial or learning position so we should not say that "Since I have worked hard, I will be paying for slackers." Making college free takes out another barrier to send people to school to have higher education. This could pay off any initial costs from the increase in money flowing into the economy and could increase the amount of people that go to college. I understand feasibility is an option but we can see that this has worked in other countries. In Germany, they have successfully had free colleges that greatly reduce student debt. Furthermore, free college does not mean everyone gets in. People still have to apply and work hard but the government will pay for entry.

  • An associate's degree should be free for anyone to pursue as long as it's in a profitable career field (at least $5/hr more than whatever the minimum wage is). People of all backgrounds need an easier avenue into livable (or almost livable) wages, and a free associate degree can usually do just that. Plus the tax burden would be half what it would be for a free bachelor's degree, and the debt incurred by people pursuing one would also be halved (meaning a higher likelihood for people to pursue them at any time in life).

    Posted by: Horsey
  • Yes, because a lot of people can not afford college and are smart as hell. There are as well the people who have enough money some how to buy a university, but are dumber than a pile of rocks. College acceptance should be based on intelligence rather than economic class.

  • Yes because is an universal human right in the declaration of human rights

  • Education should be free to allow all people to get an education. Restriction should only be applied based on a set of qualifiers such as, but not limited to, attendance and performance. I would even go a step further and say that healthcare and public transport should also be free for all.

  • Free higher education would break the barriers of class stratification. This is exactly what the rich fear.

  • I feel having free college opens the doors for those students who want to further enrich themselves for a career path that is most beneficial to them and society. Society would benefit this such as less people on welfare or unemployment because they are unable to find a career that suits them because they are destined to be in Law, Health care, Upper Management, etc.... that colleges prep individuals for. However, college should not be a free pass for young people to sit around for another 4 to 8 years getting poor grades and not passing. For one to receive tuition free college they must produce an acceptable GPA.

    Posted by: Book_3
  • We need free college. In america the top 1% get 58% of the income. It is time we help middle class and poor Americans. We cannot let rich businessmen and businesswoman buy our politicians. We also cannot let corporations buy our politicians. We need to end citizens united. Free college is not a radical leftist idea. Why should america have rich people supremacy. America is the country of anti - robin hood. Because of Reagan republicans might continue this forever. And then what is even scarier is we are extremely close to electing a guy who says a million is a "small" loan. As an american i do not want to see our country go like this. And what will other countries view us as if we elect Donald John Trump. We need to stop conspiracy theorists who think our economy will collapse if we have free college. The world economy will collapse because of the target boycott. We also need affirmative action because our primary and secondary schools are run by extreme right wingers. We need change we need to elect Bernie sanders as are 45th president of the united states of america.

  • Yes, my country has free college and has a much smaller tax base and many more qualifiers than the US dumb asses.

    Posted by: maslow
  • Because education is not a profit. Knowledge it should be free. Free colleges will solve poverty. Debt inhumane. Debt slavery should be abolished

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The_incredible_panda says2016-03-24T12:53:32.7925539Z
Although having a free college would let more people have better chances in life---to make up for the mistakes they made, this would mean letting just anyone in. Plus lots of taxes... The whole deal. I think that the colleges themselves should lower the prices.
SirMaximus says2016-03-25T18:33:54.1259978Z
You keep using that word, "free." I do not think it means what you think it means.
Looking4diversity says2016-04-21T02:29:26.0061040Z
Yes because is an universal human right in the declaration of human rights

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