• Yes

  • No

9% 2 votes
91% 21 votes
  • Even if by some miracle I were to agree with those who think quotas are needed for women in most fields, there are some professions (nurses, daycare workers, first grade teachers, etc) where women outnumber men.

  • Sexism is bad, mkay? Don't do sexism.

  • While sexism did cause this problem in the first place, a better solution would be stronger education which promotes womens accomplishments in history.

  • If women work at offices, who will take care of household work and children

  • I like gender equality, but this doesn't seem like the solution.

  • Only if we can start with front line combat. I mean if someone has the idea of gender quotas then they should also be in favor of making it so in this field first. Oh, Im sorry, only for the good stuff. Me bad.

    Posted by: zoo
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