Society sucks

Posted by: Thecrazydebator

Do you think this era of society is ruined? People are arguing over religion and gay rights and everything! We should all be equal but people are just too dumb to realize it...America has some dumb kids and trust me, other countries like japan have way better education!

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Yes, society is ruined!

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I dont care about society, nor the people part of it.

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Society is perfect! Everything is fine!

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Black-Jesus says2016-03-16T02:19:36.7312901Z
People arguing? Is that your standard for if society sucks or not? I mean, people every where have argued all the time since the dawn of time, it happens. And as for the waning of America... Eh; no society can be top dog forever, and America is probably on the downhill slide right about now. Maybe we can be like the UK and still be relevant and not end up a third world country
oiuytyf says2018-10-02T04:00:42.4125071Z
That is some hardcore sh*t right there. . . (fake smiles in depression* :)

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