The Amazing Race or Survivor?

Posted by: AllyDog57

Two TV Shows that have people try to best others in a compitition. Will it be The Amazing Race, that has teams of 2 race around the world or Survivor, that throws individuals on an island to see who would win. What do you pick?

  • The Amazing Race

  • Survivor

41% 9 votes
59% 13 votes
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  • Survivor looks more fun to me. The amazing race you are always in such a rush, no time to kick back and talk to people.

  • Survivor is an epic mix of social and skill and survival. The Amazing Race is basically just people running around a foreign city struggling at stupid stuff.

  • Survivor has twists and challenges and you get to know the host so well and the live finales are absolutely amazing! It is the only good reality show I know of.

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