The Better Manchester?

Posted by: literal_zero

United or City. Who is the better Manchester Team in the Premier League?

  • Manchester United F.C.

  • Manchester City F.C.

83% 15 votes
17% 3 votes
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Norse270 says2015-02-19T13:42:57.6066713-06:00
Both are so awful id rather defocate in my own face, but its city thats better. They are both really, really bad though. Anyon who knows their football knows it to. Best player ever? Pele. Best ever in football? Gordon banks.
minhtran says2015-02-20T13:21:26.7978910-06:00
shaancl_716 says2015-02-20T19:35:44.2007880-06:00
BerlinV says2015-02-22T22:49:52.0594806-06:00
They are not awful!!!!! You probably are a Chelsea fan!!!!

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