• Tiger

  • Mountain Lion

71% 17 votes
29% 7 votes
  • No contest. Tiger wins. Sorry Cougar.

  • Tigers are so much stronger

  • Tiger is too powerful for a puma (mountain lion). When even lions have failed miserably against the mighty tiger, what do you expect from a puma?

    Posted by: Samved
  • They're too big to fight a mountain lion

    Posted by: Tobby
  • What a silly comparison is this ! An average bengal tiger can scratch down to tore up the African lion easily, then what is PUMA or Mountain lion which also do not graduate as big cat. Simply tiger is mighty and so agile that can end up PUMA's life in single paw move.

  • Puma for the win.

  • Pumas are better, but in this fight they are totally out classed

  • I have to really admit the Puma (Mountain Lion) would win. Because you never know they could just jump on the tiger scratch his or hers face over and over again so sorry tiger Puma (Mountain Lion) would win!

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Tigris says2014-03-29T17:16:19.4423542-05:00
A tiger has 2.8 to 3.5 inch long canine teeth, and their jaw muscles are attached to a bony ridge at the top of their skull called the sagittal crest which allows it to snap down like a clamp crushing their opponent's neck. With 1000 per square inch of bite force and the largest canine teeth of any land predator, it would take a single bite to kill a cougar. It would take only one swipe from a tigers 6.1 x 6.5 inch long paws wielding 3 inch retractable claws to permanently remove most animals from a fight, lions and wolves have died via one single swipe and it can break a buffalo's back and bear's skull. When one tiger such as Chester (Sumatran) or Rex (Bengal) can take on multiple lions at once, it will easily take on a cougar which couldn't even equal 25% of a male lion.
Falperolf says2016-10-27T21:10:49.5332880Z
I like pumas better, but its like saying "who wins, a raven, or a harpy eagle." Two different classes here
GRSx-die159 says2017-05-25T15:52:05.2725738Z
Like you never know, The Puma could actually win because the Puma could just jump on the top on the Tiger and scratch them none stop just over & over again and also the Puma has some sharp teeth so yeah.

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