Tim Duncan or Karl Malone as best power forward in NBA history?

Posted by: ChadIrvin

Between the two power forwards, who is the best in NBA history?

10 Total Votes

Tim Duncan

8 votes

Karl Malone

2 votes
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jo154676 says2017-01-01T19:31:15.9638590Z
Depravity- Karl was second all time in points. In terms of personal achievement there isn't much better than that. Plus he would have won a few finals if he didnt have to face the bulls the greatest team ever.
Depravity says2017-01-01T19:45:28.0623405Z
Jo154676-Personal achievements are not so drastically different from each other. Karl Malone has more points, yes, but outside of that, not much different. And Karl Malone would have won 2 championships if it weren't for the Bulls, not 5 like Duncan. Technically, Duncan would have won 6 if it weren't for Miami. I don't look at that as much as I do what he DID win. And the Spurs beat Detroit in 7 games, which might go down in history as one of the best defensive match-ups in Finals history. That was a slug fest. So aside from a couple personal stats on Malone's side, Duncan rules everything between them two.

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