To liberals: are you aware that Obama has added $7 trillion in debt?

Posted by: Conservative101

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Yes, but other than that, he's a good President

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Yes, but I don't like him

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No, what are you talking about?

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Zylorarchy says2014-05-23T19:59:44.3749721-05:00
Yeah well, over the other side of the Atlantic the Conservatives are doing a horrifically bad job too. But a bad term in office does not necessarily invalidate the credibility of the ideology.
Csareo says2014-05-23T20:09:23.7640944-05:00
Do you know we need a national debt? Do you know that we have more jobs then the recession with Bush? Do you know that ObamaCare is already being cited as a successful initiative? Did you know that he got Osama? Did you know that he pulled the troops from Iraq? Did you know the deficit was lowed 7 points?
Csareo says2014-05-23T20:10:28.2388944-05:00
Conservative: Well, what about Benghazi? Huh, got you there ------------------ lol -_-
Conservative101 says2014-05-23T20:32:47.2324183-05:00
@Zylorarchy How are Conservatives doing bad or worse than Obama?
Csareo says2014-05-23T20:35:15.1204183-05:00
Have you seen how low GDP growth has fallen in Canada, the US, and Britain, who were all under conservative leadership? We had a GDP less than 2% per year. Under Obama, were growing at 3%, 1% above the international developed standard.
Conservative101 says2014-05-23T20:35:27.5738980-05:00
@Csareo did you know that many more troops have died in Afghanistan under Obama than Bush? Did you know that Osama's capture made no difference to the fact that Al Qaeda's operation has risen a lot under Obama's watch? As for the rest of your claims, I disagree. Do you have any sources to back them up?
Csareo says2014-05-23T20:39:42.4008671-05:00
Csareo says2014-05-23T20:41:34.4861486-05:00
Are you denying the deficit decreased at fastest rate in history? Are you denying that we have more jobs then we had before the recession? Are you denying the billions of projected revenue in obamacare? Are you denying that Al-Qaeda has feel in membership near 4000?
Csareo says2014-05-23T20:42:56.8024183-05:00
The Al-Qaeda one was bull$hit though. They used to have 50,000 members before Obama. Know how many they have now? A bit over 20,000.
SweetTea says2014-05-24T04:42:09.7631517-05:00
Conservative101 ... Are you aware that the only time the national debt was paid off, a Democrat did it? And, I might add, within 1 short year it threw America into the worst depression in history!
discomfiting says2014-05-24T04:47:03.8139869-05:00
Andrew Jackson ;)
Wylted says2014-05-24T13:58:28.2854560-05:00
Andrew Jackson wasn't really a Democrat.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-05-24T14:00:09.6240158-05:00
The only reason Capitalism is still alive in America is because of the bailouts it has received from the Federal Governments, money taken from our taxes to help private business.
Wylted says2014-05-24T14:07:16.1098651-05:00
Anyway a lot of healthy economic decisions result in some extreme short term pain. Over the long haul some of these decisions are a net gain. Just like some economic decisions result in short term gain but long term pain. Increasing the national debt is one of those things with long term negatives and short term gains. A lot of Democrats only look at the short term. Welfare was implemented to help the black community and it did in the short term. Throwing money at any problem helps in the short term, but studies have shown it has a negative consequences. Check out this article. Http://www.Discoverthenetworks.Org/viewSubCategory.Asp?Id=1672
Wylted says2014-05-24T14:11:02.9041189-05:00
The bailouts propped up the failing Keynesian model. Without the bailouts, a lot of these super large businesses would have been hurt and it would have made room for more small businesses to enter the market. Instead the bailouts actually helped the major banks increase their market share and actually hurt competition.
johnrudolph says2014-05-25T00:02:39.8591375-05:00
He needed more money, don't blame him for the mess Bush legt him with. He is a great President.
SweetTea says2014-05-25T04:06:34.4653682-05:00
FYI for Wylted ...
lightingbolt50 says2014-05-25T18:53:53.9696698-05:00
Is there a option of, "his debt added is irrelevant compared to other presidents, however he's just a average president"?
r.oppenheimer says2014-05-25T21:24:57.8855372-05:00
Obama’s policies have added only $1.44 Trillion to the debt, whereas, “W” added $5 Trillion. - See more at:
r.oppenheimer says2014-05-25T21:25:44.4830359-05:00
The additional costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars (seven and five years in, respectively, when Obama took office) is clocked at nearly $1.5 trillion. According to third-party analysis, the true cost of these wars is projected at upwards of $4 trillion. None of this spending can be attributed to Obama policy. - See more at:
r.oppenheimer says2014-05-25T21:26:07.9143861-05:00
Big part of the Republican platform is that we spend too much. Absolutely, we have an unsustainable budget. At the same time, it is a lot like blaming the electric company when you don’t pay the bill. We spend too much because the Bush Tax Cuts, cuts for the top earners in the country, have robbed the average tax payer of more than $1.8 trillion in money to pay for the oversized budget. It is officially the biggest contributor to the size of the public debt, even more than the wars have cost so far. - See more at:
r.oppenheimer says2014-05-25T21:26:42.5744584-05:00
The economic crisis that happened on Bush’s watch was greeted with true corporate-welfare policies the likes of which we have never seen. The TARP Bailouts and the Housing and Economic Recovery Act have cost the United States tax payer an addition $224 billion. Interest On Bush Debt Aside from those three, Bush added another $608 billion in discretionary spending on programs like No Child Left Behind and countless others, $180 billion for the Medicare drug benefit, and had his own 2008 stimulus which outspent the Obama stimulus at $773 billion. On top of all that, as anyone with massive credit card debt knows, it carries a lot of interest. In fact, we pay more than $220 billion a year in taxes just to cover the interest on the debt we have accrued. None of that is Obama’s fault and much of it isn’t Bush’s fault either as presidents before him contributed to the debt greatly. Heck, Reagan even tripled it while he was president. - See more at:
r.oppenheimer says2014-05-25T21:27:20.7356529-05:00
OOOOPPPPSSS better look again Conservatives.
Wylted says2014-05-27T01:09:29.3134491-05:00
@sweettee, please look at Andrew Jackson's actual political ideology. He was more close to conservative view than liberals. Seriously.
discomfiting says2014-05-27T01:22:49.8551907-05:00
He'd be considered conservative in modern ideology of conservatism because he supported slavery, racism & Indian removal.
Fight4Liberty says2014-05-29T15:09:50.7395675-05:00
Not a liberal, Bush and Obama are both a joke, as well as a slap in the face to both parties.

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