• Traditional Art

  • Digital Art

63% 29 votes
37% 17 votes
  • Traditional art comes from the heart. The very essence of art is from your soul and nothing connects to your soul more than a canvas.

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  • Traditional has more character.

  • Traditional Art inspired Digital Art

  • I like that feeling when you look at a painting and see the tracks of the artist's brush and somehow connect to the way he/she was feeling when he/she painted it.

  • I prefer traditional art because I appreciate the skill involved. Not saying that digital art doesn't involve skill, because it does, I know because I am a graphic designer. But I am also an illustrator and there is something about traditional methods that I just prefer. Maybe its the raw genuine quality of the art that attracts me. So much digital art is thrown around that it tends to get lost and it also only lives on my computer screen.

  • Traditional art is more original and more hands on, where digital art is made by just moving a cursor. Traditional art seems to be more unique than digital art, because even if two pictures are of the same thing, they will be different because of the artists.

  • I do both but traditional is the way. I feel more relaxed. I feel more accomplished. The fact that you can touch the actual pigment on the paper or canvas is the part. You can feel it. Digital, well its just on a screen. In my opinion traditional is more valuable to me because work and effort is put into this one portrait when digital, well I'm not saying it's easy but with a computer you can pretty much draw straight lines and stuff and them make a million copies. Old artworks from the renaissance and other time periods were obviously traditional, it's they way its been for centuries, maybe even thousands of years, so it's more valuable in my opinion

  • Traditional art more careful when its created. I mean, they're made without relying on apps or softwares features like "undo". Traditional art artists are more required to minimize any errors especially in coloring. Because their work is more difficult to edit, although some traditional art artists are good at solving mistakes and accidents during the making of their arts.

    Posted by: Ast
  • In my opinion, digital art has the potential to overlay anything else in the picture/painting aspect of art, given enough time.

  • I like the digital art that is coming out and if you want to see some good digital art look up Dan Luvisi.

  • you can modify better in digital and erase and move and undo things

  • For me, digital paintings an drawings have a look that I just love. I can't tell you how good it feels when I can tell what program an image was drawn in just by examining it. Not only is it significantly less expensive,( you only have to buy the initial necessities, like the computer, the tablet, and the program) but the only way it can be destroyed it by the file getting corrupted. But, traditional art has a certain look as well. How do I say this, A traditionally drawn image just looks like there was more work put into it. Image you have two awesome paintings side by side. They were made by the exact same artist, in the exact same way. The only difference is that one is on a screen and the other is physical. Which one would you prefer?

    Posted by: Tahiti
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Ver says2013-09-03T16:59:11.3656890-05:00
Wow this is really hard because im a user of both
ScientificBeack says2013-09-03T17:19:36.0738961-05:00
This--this poll-- Why is it here without giving a 'both' option? Torture...
Krieg01 says2013-09-25T23:29:24.3608666-05:00
I like both but digital art catches my eye better
abyteofbrain says2013-10-09T20:18:30.7831333-05:00
This is stupid... Both of course! Why would one be better?
Jessalyn says2013-10-25T21:41:25.7663165-05:00
This isn't a fair poll. The term "traditional" encompasses numerous mediums, while "digital" is a medium in itself. So you're basically putting one medium up against various mediums. A more fair comparison would involve digital art and pencil drawings, digital art and paintings, digital art and sculpture, etc.
seeli says2014-08-07T15:04:12.7444372-05:00
Definitely needs to have a both option.
15lszlasa says2015-07-04T00:56:47.4129103-05:00
Art comes in ALL shapes and sizes. If you are a true artist you understand the ever growing digital usage for art. Art created on a canvas essentially takes more time to use and create with; however people overlook the true genius that comes from digital art. Cartoons like anime, graphic designs, clay animation, etc ALL use digital art. Just because something you think takes more time (it depends) or the work is more evident visually, does not mean that one is better than the other. If you are a digital artist you understand the efficiency, difficulty and dependency of digital art. Same for all the painters out there; you understand the time and effort that goes into each stroke. They are BOTH art. One is not better than the other. This is not a debate. It is an opinion on two different types of art that take part in the world. Canvas art is becoming less prevalent because of the growth of new technology. I love and prefer to make canvas art, but I understand both. Why? Because I am an artist and an optimist. If you, yes YOU (the person reading this) are an artist: Don't chose! Just try new things and explore all the art this world has to offer.

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