Two Genders // Changing Gender

Posted by: Feuyaer

And now we come to this special topic, the gender issues. Just two genders, or do you (somehow) believe there is indeed a spectrum of some kind? Or, do you believe a person can suddenly change their gender?

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Two genders, and you can't change your gender!

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Several genders!

I don't really need to add the "can" or "can't change gender" on this one I suppose.
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Two genders, but you can change your gender!

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Arganger says2017-08-25T22:05:13.9071486Z
None of above, you cannot change your gender, and male, female and intersexual.
Axonly says2017-08-26T08:54:52.3989017Z
I feel like it's worth pointing out there is a difference between "Sex" and "Gender".
Bluepaintcan123 says2017-08-26T14:39:38.8599990Z
What do you mean by changing gender? In my mind trans people are always the GENDER they identified as, but born as the opposite SEX.
Mharman says2017-08-26T20:47:11.5277826Z
There is no diff between sex and gender. That's left propaganda
Techno_nomad says2017-08-28T01:56:09.4139600Z
The mammal Homo Sapiens has adopted the psychological construct there could be a rainbow of genders. Which science did prove long time ago has shown that the physical build of the brain determines gender and not what you think you are. In other words there is a thing as gender dysphoria. That the person in question imagines they are in a gender spectrum doesn’t mean such a spectrum actually exists. And by the intense media attention given many an impressionable person will easily be convinced that he/she/it also has this disorder. Sex is defined by gender pronoun, Male and Female, same attribution given to other animals.
Mharman says2017-08-28T12:36:54.6712982Z
No, science did not prove that. It's left propaganda. When you look at the origins of the word, you can see it is a synonym to 'sex'.
Techno_nomad says2017-08-28T19:18:00.3100996Z
Mharman, Fine, this was written late anyway so i didn't make sense at all since i picked pieces from my private blog about this case so i can take half of my text since it seems to conflict with what i meant; There is only Man and Woman, but i use gender Male and Female to distinguish them, so i assume that gender is sex and therefore a spectrum of them is now created with conflicts with the term sex and everything in biology.
Youraverageunicorn says2017-08-28T20:49:17.8328117Z
Mharman there is absolutely a difference between sex and gender. Sex is how you're born, gender i how you identify.
Techno_nomad says2017-08-28T23:06:04.1718161Z
Ok i realize that i made a mistake before but now i feel more confused than ever after doing my other comment, you know what, forget it, i never said anything. Peace. :)
Mharman says2017-08-29T00:58:15.3497644Z
Once again, it's left-wing propaganda. Biologically, you identify as the sex you were born with. I,e, when you start out your gender and sex are one and the same. People on become non-binary when they are exposed to transgenderism, and if they also think it's a good thing. They'll then think highly of the trans community and as a result, they will psychologically shift slowly towards being trans themselves (You can actually develop BIID like this). However, if you leave biology alone without interference from either side, and let it take its natural course, you will see that people will always identify with their sex. Thus, it is proven that sex and gender are one and the same. Even more interesting is transgenderism is actually a mental disorder. It falls under the category of BIID. That is, Body Integrity Identity Disorder. With BIID, people will feel that certain parts of their body don't belong, or certain parts that aren't there should belong. At it's weakest form, you can realize it;s a disorder. At it's moderate form, you see things like transgenderism happen. But at it's most extreme form, patients will demand certain limbs of their body be amputated.
Mharman says2017-08-29T01:08:02.4751280Z
Techno-nomad, you had it right the first time you commented.
Techno_nomad says2017-08-29T01:13:33.8617781Z
Ah, now you make sense sorry XD
Youraverageunicorn says2017-08-30T00:49:11.1130274Z
Mharman, your evidence is as believable as the rest. You're talking about us using left propaganda while you use right. Live in the real world.
Mharman says2017-08-30T01:43:07.8425234Z
I used some real facts. I am the one living in reality here. My judgement of it being left propaganda is based on facts that proves that it is propaganda.
NKaloms says2017-09-02T00:05:15.8906794Z
Gender is based on sex and sex is determined by your chromosomes. XX = Female XY = Male. I don't understand how people don't get this simple fact.
Youraverageunicorn says2017-09-02T19:10:15.5325494Z
Oh my gosh just saying that because of the first thing that popped up on google was that the synonym of gender is sex is ridiculous. It's a synonym it doesn't have to mean exactly the same thing. Sex is usually determined on a person's reproductive products while gender is the state of being male or female. It's not saying anything about what they're sex is. And people like Mharman get their evidence off of things like Fox news usually and their news is totally different from others.
ryjamdonly says2017-09-05T13:25:10.4298339Z
I voteed for the third one, so you can go and read my comment if you care to. The only thing I forgot about is intersex people, but I still feel like they fall into one of two categories depending on their orientation. I also think that they are living proof that conforming to whatever gender you are assigned at birth does not decide your gender orientation as they will feel like whatever gender they are supposed to be regardless of what parts they were born with.
Mharman says2017-09-05T18:54:46.1110864Z
That's kinda the definition of "Synonym". You completely contradicted yourself in the next sentence. You even said it yourself; gender is the state of m/f, your sex is what you were born with. What you were born with is either male or female, thus, gender = sex. I suggest you stop believing Buzzfeed's lies.
Mharman says2017-09-05T18:56:10.8201724Z
Ryjamdonly, That's totally wrong, I already debunked it.
Mharman says2017-09-05T18:56:53.9391252Z
NKaloms, thank you.
Youraverageunicorn says2017-09-05T20:34:45.6728283Z
Sharman haha buzzfeed sucks. They don't believe in the things I do but they promote it in a bad way. If something meant the EXACT same thing, it would be the same word. I'm saying that gender doesn't EXACTLY mean. Sex. Gender is how you stated. The state of male or female. Not what you were BORN with which is what you stated in the next.
ryjamdonly says2017-09-06T16:22:39.7208694Z
Mharman I didn't know you were a scientist lmao.... You didn't debunk a damn thing, actually. You aren't transgender, so of course you wouldn't understand what is going through there thought process, but you could at least try to understanding it. They aren't making these things up just for the sole purpose of getting physically and verbally attacked. I'm sorry if I seem brash, but it doesn't make sense that people just can't come to an understanding that other people's personal decisions about their life matter a hell of a lot more than what decisions you want to make for them.
Mharman says2017-09-06T19:10:06.3432706Z
Youraverageunicorn: Breitbart sucks, too. The point I was making is that you can't just assign someone to a specific media just because you disagree with them. P.S. I know what you are saying, and you are incorrect. I already proved it.
Mharman says2017-09-08T12:36:03.3903650Z
Rjamdonly, I did debunk stuff. You're just too narcissistic too accept any proof contrary to your beliefs. You're committing a red herring (a type of logical fallacy) here; which you do by saying that I can't know anything because I'm not trans. One can know the facts without being part of the group; and the facts prove that transgenderism is a mental disorder.
Youraverageunicorn says2017-09-08T12:49:42.3800149Z
Oh my god all I'm saying is that you are getting your evidence from the first thing that pops up on the internet!! The internet can't be trusted. I am not wrong because there's always people who identify as another thing and they are able to switch genders. But what do you call people who don't identify as female OR male? Nonbinary, gender fluid,etc. You can't define people by two basic genders if they don't identify with that. I agree with ryjamdonly since you aren't trans or whatever, you can't rely on the opinion of close-minded humans.
Mharman says2017-09-08T12:55:32.0976855Z
Youraverageunicorn, Quit throwing a fit. All you're doing is repeating the same points the I've already debunked over and over again. So, what do I call people who don't identify as male or female? Good question. I call them male with a mental disorder and female with a mental disorder.
Youraverageunicorn says2017-09-08T13:00:31.9335295Z
I'm repeating the same points over because it's not getting through your head. I don't care if I'm throwing a "hissy fit" you're insulting people who you obviously don't understand and saying they have a mental disorder. Stop it! I really would like to hear why you think it's a mental disorder. Pleaaaaase. I am looking forward to looking at your "evidence".
Mharman says2017-09-08T13:14:41.3000233Z
I told you why it's a mental disorder. Didn't you read the really long paragraph I typed?
Youraverageunicorn says2017-09-08T21:38:22.5813485Z
First of all if that were true, then how did this all start? And I agree sometimes it can be pushed onto people. Like my friend who was under the influence and identified as non binary for a while. She then quickly realized that's actually not how she felt. It's not a "disorder" though because people who really identify as trans gender struggle from the very beginning and immediately realize they don't belong in that body. But you can't say they have a mental disorder because they were never influenced. My mom's friend wrote a book talking about what it was like living transgendered. It started from the beginning and no influence was involved. He lived in Fredericksburg Virginia, for god's sake! Nothing at all of the lgbtq community was there! People question their sexuality all the time but only a complete dodo would switch genders because they suddenly realized: Oh! I'm someone else.
Mharman says2017-09-10T01:43:22.2673735Z
Youraverageunicorn: It's not a beginning struggle. I'll tell you this. Although we as humans may exhibit behaviors of the other gender due to who we are influenced by, we have a natural tendency to shift towards our biological preferences. For example, when I was four years old, I would play with my older sister's toys. Eventually, however,by the time I turned 7, I had naturally shifted to what I liked better; that is, toy cars and stuff. Everyone has their won things in childhood, it all gets straightened out. The scary part is when these kids slowly get the idea that they are trans, thus disrupting the natural and biological process.
Mharman says2017-09-10T01:46:42.7598587Z
Youraverageunicorn, No one immediately feels that they're straight or trans. The thing about little kids is that they have no sense of gender, or what it is. They just do whatever. However, they will eventually just naturally shift towards their biological sex.
Youraverageunicorn says2017-09-13T00:47:58.3420394Z
Mharman , it IS a beginning struggle! People who are trans believe they are in the wrong body for their entire life! We live in a society where people do what they do because they feel that's expected of them. Girls like "girl" toys and boys like "boy" toys. No one just decides maybe they are trans, they know they're in the wrong body the entire time! You heard me, right? My mom's friend wrote an entire book on it. It's called: "hung like a seahorse" check it out. You can't be assuming from what you hear because your hearing it from people who have not experienced the trans community and they don't believe in it.

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