Vaccines are poison right?

Posted by: Errett

Vaccines are Government toxins used to brain wash us My Cousin was Vaccinated and now he's Gay.

Poll closed on 9/11/2021 at 11:56AM.
  • Yes

  • No

22% 2 votes
78% 7 votes
  • Dude, Vaccines have helped humanity more than any other medical innovation. There is no proof that vaccines caused your cousin to become gay. The paper that says vaccines cause autism has been disproved, Over and over.

  • People who think vaccines cause autism are clearly autistic. If vaccines cause autism, Then why do doctors give them out? Vaccines help cure a bunch of diseases which is good for mankind. But for some reason, A lot of people don't vaccinate their children because they think they are bad. This is why a bunch of babies and children are dying. If you think vaccines cause autism, You are the one that has autism.

  • My theory is that the antivax movement was started by the government to control the population. If all the stupid people let their kids die from preventable diseases, We deal with some of the overpopulation and kill off a lot of the retard genes all at once. It's a win-win.

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