Vaccines or natural remedies?

Posted by: CatalyticConvertersRule

Should we take natural remedies instead of getting pricked twenty times by needles?

Poll closed on 9/2/2018 at 5:00PM.
  • Vaccines should be given to every baby as soon as they are born.

  • Natural remedies are the way to go washing hands and water treatment etc. And it should be our choice.

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Foolishseeker says2018-09-03T06:06:54.5359453Z
It depends on the vaccine today too many drugs and vaccines are being pushed on the public you don’t know what they’re putting into your system
picklerickfaggotboi says2018-09-04T17:52:25.3789713Z
I have gotten one vaccine in my whole life and it was when I was in kindergarten, After that I was the sickest I have ever been in my whole life. Vaccines are the governments way of population control.
Anonymous says2018-09-07T10:13:33.9200295Z
Picklerick, You're either allergic to that vaccine, Or your lack of other vaccines is why you got sick. I've had more vaccines than I can remember, And because of that, I survived India for three years as a small child. My parents found a job there because the previous owners' unvaccinated child died of rabies from getting licked by a dog. I got bitten and scratched by monkeys, I unknowingly played with the same dogs (we moved into their house because the job supplied housing), And here I am, Alive and well today. Tetanus vaccines also saved my life, Because I have stepped on ad been impaled by an unimaginable number of rusty nails, And cut by numerous pieces of rusty metal. Picklerick, You coincidentally got sick after you took a vaccine. The poor aforementioned kid died because of a lack of vaccine. What would you rather?
YaliniKristel says2018-12-07T22:24:18.4680126Z
I think they should be mixed in life. Because in contrary the kid will get sick easily.
Dalerius says2019-03-13T19:31:22.4128118Z
More like vaccines or natural selection.
Foreverokay says2019-05-22T20:27:48.2717576Z
Where I live you can't move up certain grades without getting the recommended vaccines. Natural remedies wouldn't allow you to go to 6th grade because they do not work.

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