• Vladimir Putin

  • Barack Obama

57% 41 votes
43% 31 votes
  • Putin would totally win in a fight

  • " It is better to be feared than love, if you can not be both."

  • Easy choice. Strong leader over the weak leader.

  • alright man, looking at their fighting reecords and capabilities, Putin has a clear physical advantage. Putin has braved through many russian winters that would kill an ordinary man, which putin is not. True, back in obamas hayday, he played some mean b-ball, but that dopesnt translate well into his fighting capabilities. After 8 years of presidency, ive seen obamas grey hairs sweep up after only 8 years. My man putin has been running his country for like 50 years and he looks fine af. Therefore putin would demolish my boi obama

  • He's Russian. Obama's not. Easy choice.

    Posted by: Zedzen
  • putin would knock him out

  • Putin has a better grip on his country than Obama does. Probably why Putin is currently ranked as the strongest man in the world right now, despite the US being the strongest nation.

  • Vlad would bring a gun, and Obama would probably not do so.

  • In soviet Russia president assassinates you.

  • Putin leads a country like a real leader, and in every war Russia has been in recently in the 21st century, Russia is on the right side.

  • Vladimir Putin is a true nationalist and cares for his people whereas Barack Obama sells his soul for his own financial gain and is black.

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Anonymous says2016-03-31T20:38:02.7674796Z
Obama > Putin
Beardon87 says2016-04-07T03:26:17.8372153Z
Putin > Obama
Fernyx says2016-04-07T13:48:00.8326232Z
Putin ain't no bish
PericIes says2016-04-21T00:20:28.1849029Z
What's the contest though? Who is a better leader? Who would win in a fight? What?
emporer1 says2016-04-27T23:07:25.7640492Z
@pericles either way Putin wins
triangle.128k says2016-04-27T23:12:28.0159867Z
@emporer1 I understand people dislike Obama, I too am not a big fan of him. But it's a joke to compare him to the scum that is Putin...
emporer1 says2016-04-27T23:22:52.4723896Z
Putin isn't scum. Many people in the west hate Putin. This is because the liberalised society we live in doesn't like how Putin unwaveringly defends his nations culture and tradition. There is a reason he is popular in Russia. President Putin's laws, the ones people hate, like his gay propaganda law, aren't as harsh as people say. The Gay law for example only bans parades, the hanging of posters and the promotion of homosexuality in schools and media. I like that law. I find there's far to much homosexual symbolism n schools and media these days. It will have an influence on young children who don't understand. People in west have gotten so far into LGBT stuff that they are trying to remove male and female from birth certificates to appease transgenders. What happens then, the kid picks when he or she is 4??? Putin has steadfastly protected his nations christianity, tradition, and sovereignty. I don't agree with Putin on everything. However Putin makes sense. Watch some of hes speeches. They are very enlightening sometimes.
Pnao29 says2016-05-08T16:32:14.6285912Z
Vladamir Putin is more honest than Obama.
Jeremy_Putin says2016-05-26T21:29:57.1966349Z
"Puck Futin" i can see the intelligence of general Obama supports in not the highest. If you are going to comment u may as well say why u chose the option not just prove u have no good reason for voting as u did.
Jeremy_Putin says2016-05-26T21:30:44.1997362Z
Im talking to u triangle.128k

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