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reece says2016-12-26T02:34:21.5744313Z
He could of been far more progressive.
BlargArgNarg says2017-01-06T02:21:47.6688575Z
^ Thankfully he wasn't.
VulpeLegatus says2017-01-06T04:08:37.7108675Z Courtesy of Vox Media
Zombie_Vampire_Nina says2017-01-12T03:00:10.0453145Z
Brinzahar I understand your sentiments to an extent, but Donald Trump is not going to get rid of gay marriage. In fact, Trump has shown his support for the LGBTQ community and most of the stuff about Pence was made up (especially that Electric Shock Therapy stuff). I would say Obama was incredibly against the LGBTQ community, he may have been for gay marriage, but he clearly didn't care about the one's who don't even have a right to live in other countries. Also, the gay marriage ruling was done by the Supreme Court, not Obama.

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