What is your opinion on modern feminism (third-wave feminism)?

Posted by: NewLifeChristian

Modern feminism is often associated with female supremacy, matriarchy, and the idea that men are inferior to women. What is your opinion on this ideology?

  • I oppose modern feminism.

  • I support modern feminism.

86% 38 votes
14% 6 votes
  • Modern feminism is stupid. If women's suffrage activists were still alive, they would be deeply disappointed with feminism today.

  • Mostly the reason is because modern feminists try to turn everything into a social issue that helps their cause. But instead of helping, it just makes all the rational people who do not want to fight politically over everything, hate feminists. 42

  • See my debate on the subject

  • I'm not saying I don't support some Western modern feminists, but, at least the most outspoken ones, are not egalitarian: they are female supremacists who distort the truth and whine incessantly about non-problems. However, there are women's issues, but there are also men's issues, and through a combination of the ridiculous name for an "egalitarian" movement, feminism, and the outlandish characters the name is now associated with, I don't want to be considered a feminist. I prefer egalitarian.

  • Idiots ------>

  • It's not needed and will start a whole slew of unneeded violence to happen I bet

  • Maybe feminism was necessary back when women couldn't vote or get jobs, but modern feminism is just stupid and ignorant.

  • I personally don't like modern feminism because most feminists like to create problems that don't exist, mark themselves as the victim, and sometimes create men as the reason for it. Feminism is a movement for equality for men and women, right? Well the thing is, women do have equal rights just as men do. Some may say that women are being harassed and raped, but they fail to realize that men are also (Believe it or not) being harassed and raped also. Feminists just create reasons why they are "oppressed." The only thing modern feminists accomplish are creating unwanted problems.

  • If you look up the history of third-wave feminism, you'd agree that feminism does more harm than it helps.

  • Feminists are a bunch of people who want something to complain about. Instead of dealing with big issues in other parts of the world, they concentrate their anger on things like "manspreading".

  • Is feminism a good thing? Feminism is seen differently by every person, so who can really say? In 2016 a new comedy named “Fleabag” came to the public. Fleabag is a London based comedy, but in one of the episodes the main character ranted about how she agrees with feminism. This made the show drop viewers. Feminism is so relevant in 2017, which is a bad thing. Feminism will never go away. It is a never ending argument. Modern day feminism is not what it used to be, because feminists argue over a pay gap and claim they do not intend to hurt men. Modern day feminists are not what they claim to be because they argue and think they should get the same pay as a male. The article “Do Women Really Want Equality?” gives an example on why men do get paid more than women. The author Nikita Coulombe says,”For example, more women are now attending medical school than men, but they gravitate towards areas such as pediatrics rather than cardiology and neurosurgery, which carry greater risks and responsibilities, have more demanding hours, and as a consequence pay more”. The reason women get lower pay is because they will statistically go toward the job that requires nurturing and caretaking. At the end of the day it is just a females mindset, they can very easily work at a males job if they would like to, but they do not, it is not what they were made to do. Feminists also seem to like to lash out on men. In the article, “Why Feminism Is NOT ‘The Fight for Equal Rights’” the author talks about how women try to lash out on men. He writes,”As one example, of many, Jessica Valenti is a prominent feminist voice. Writing for The Guardian, her biased, angry and mocking attitude toward men is clearly evident.” (Chris Good). Regarding the claims that feminists do not want to hurt men, Good explains how feminists are really just angry that they do not think they have equal rights. They get so mad over the most unneeded things. He takes the argument and really makes it noticeable how women are just angry at the world. That is why feminists are so extreme with everything they do. They have caused so much drama that they have no more true followers that actually fight for equality. Another article named “ Why Feminism Is NOT The Fight for Equal Rights” it shows how women really don’t fight for equal rights so they have no reason to be mad. In the article “Why Feminism Is NOT ‘The Fight for Equal Rights,” compiled by Chris Good, makes examples and states the rebuckle to the argument that they fight for equal rights. The article states, ”Furthermore, in claiming it is the fight for equality, and yet, only advocating for women, feminists show the movement as stubborn minded and prejudiced, acting upon illogical biased, and therefore, extremist values” (“Why Feminism Is NOT The Fight for Equal Rights”). If feminists are fighting for equality then why do they not advocate for men as well? If they only advocate for women that would make for a one-sided debate, which, males would lose. At the end of the day this just disproves the claim that feminists fight for equality. Not only do feminists claim that they fight for equality but they also seem to lash out on males everywhere. Women never mean harm, they just want equality. An article compiled by Robin Morgan claims,“I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.” Morgan is showing that feminists deserve to be mad at the men, because men oppress them.The “article” is just saying that women deserve it because it has never been fair for them. Lets just start by saying life is not fair, just because you do not get what you want does not mean you can lash out on innocent people. Feminism is essentially a hate group. Another article I found is just beyond vulgar, the author Andrea Dworkin says something that is inappropriate and unnecessary. If you do not know who Andrea Dworkin is, then she was an American radical feminist and writer best known for her criticism of pornography, which she argued was linked to rape and other forms of violence against women. Unfortunately she passed away April 9, 2005. Dworkin claims, “I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” This shows that feminists just take it way too far. They have no real reason to fight the way they do. Feminism in the 21st century has strayed from the path of the first wave because now feminists fight over the pay gap and antagonize males on a daily basis. Feminists seem to enjoy lashing out on men and they also seem to enjoy fighting over the irrelevant pay gap. A female is the nurturer and that is God’s choice. Just because a female will gravitate towards a job that requires nurturing and loving does not mean that they should get paid more. A male does more of the hard work, the work that requires responsibility. Which, at the end of the day pays more. If they do not get the same pay, then they seem to lash out on men. Everything turns into an argument with a feminist.Many feminists claim that what they do is for equality. But how could that be when they only advocate for themselves therefore making males have less rights for themselves? This is a problem because they want to stop inequality but instead are pushing the problems for males to handle. Those who claim that feminists fight for equality, then why do they always seem to find a problem with a modern day male instead of working and cooperate to solve the problem together. All modern day feminists also claim they never intend to harm the male community. However there are multiple examples of feminists saying very vulgar things about men, therefore they are being very inappropriate and immature. It is inevitable for someone to be degraded in this situation. If feminists are so tired of being degraded, then why do they still male shame when they know how it feels?

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NewLifeChristian says2016-06-22T23:53:44.3930641Z
@dietorangesoda The Stanford rape case has nothing to do with modern feminism. It just so happened that a bad judge was placed on the case. Stuff like that isn't common, that's why you don't hear it on the news often. In my honest opinion, the rapist should be in jail for life.
dietorangesoda says2016-06-23T04:08:46.4687537Z
Its definitely common enough he was not the only case of a judge doing that remember a few years back when that 45 yr old teacher was having sex with his 14 yr old student and she ended up committing suicide and the judge ruled it was consensual and the man was freed and there's probably more cases then that if i drugged a man and then took him up to my apartment to have sex with him without his knowledge nobody would be giving me a light sentence
Black-Jesus says2016-06-23T05:41:59.1046037Z
@Dilara, "man spreading"? Do you mean "man-splaining" or is this something new?
triangle.128k says2016-06-23T05:48:35.9399475Z
@DOS How about the cases where woman are punished less than men for rape crimes? The fact that there are plenty of female-exclusive school clubs? Or that some people hold it acceptable for a woman to hit a man and not vice versa? And can I note that many adult TV shows have the man as an idiot in a family? And mind me mentioning about reverse-discrimination actions to deliver "equality"?
dietorangesoda says2016-06-23T07:02:47.8116211Z
Last i checked there are male exclusive clubs as well what about fraternities? Or lodges? I don't know many people who still believe it is ok for a woman to hit a man and no the other way around they just don't believe if a woman slaps you that that gives you the right to then pound her to the ground such as in the ray rice video
NewLifeChristian says2016-06-23T17:55:03.3893502Z
@dietorangesoda That's just one other case . . . Like I said before, this isn't a common occurrence. Most rapists end up in jail for life or given the death penalty.
Anonymous says2016-06-23T20:24:26.1920365Z
Black Jesus. Man spreading is when men sit on the train with their legs to far apart and take up space. Its a actual thing feminists complain about.
Anonymous says2016-06-23T20:28:07.4042905Z
Triangle.128k The rule where men can't hit women but women can sometimes hit men is a little murky. Men are naturally stronger and usually will do more damage when hitting a woman, than a women would when hitting a man. There is plenty of sexism against men. Affirmative action is one case.
Black-Jesus says2016-06-24T01:41:27.5364410Z
@Dilara, oooh yeah. I know what you're talking about
triangle.128k says2016-06-24T01:43:26.3468026Z
@Dilara That means nothing, that's like saying it's okay for a 4 foot man to hit a body builder but the body builder can't do anything about it. There's no reason why men shouldn't have the right to defend themselves against a female assaulter.
Black-Jesus says2016-06-24T01:50:53.3676681Z
I agree with triangle. I mean, women are just as mature as men; they should be able to control their emotions enough to not resort to violence if they know they will lose. Like, I'm a big boy, and I understand that if I lose control and hit 80's Arnold Schwarzenegger, then I also have to accept the consequences. But if I knew Schwarzenegger couldn't hit me back, I wouldn't feel nearly the same need to control myself.
maslow says2016-06-24T19:47:49.7373472Z
NewLife Christian It is STAMFORD
maslow says2016-06-24T19:48:59.0173913Z
This comments are so idiotic they don't even deserve rebuttal.
triangle.128k says2016-06-24T19:50:13.1646666Z
Calm down, what's with you and your aggressiveness maslow?
NewLifeChristian says2016-06-24T19:52:54.0484979Z
@triangle.128k She's just a troll. Just ignore her.
Anonymous says2016-06-25T03:36:09.8074747Z
And theres other stuff like air conditioning, not getting free birth control and words that feminists complain about.
Anonymous says2016-06-25T03:37:38.3380422Z
Triangle. Men should be able to defend them selves if the woman attacks, but unless shes trying to harm them he can't hit her. You shouldn't hit anyone unprovoked, especially if you're a man and the person you're hitting is a woman.
triangle.128k says2016-06-25T03:54:38.6313825Z
@Dilara All I'm saying is that the gender of someone you hit doesn't matter. And hitting is justified in self defense when someone gets hit by an attacker.
Anonymous says2016-06-28T04:28:16.3447875Z
Got it triangle
Sumytra says2017-01-06T18:17:38.6194286Z
Feminism is meant to confront patriarchy in all its forms. It is not about individual men. It is not against men. We confront patriarchy by challenging our politicians, our educators, our churches, our authority figures when women are portrayed as objects, treated like slaves, and/or hated just because they are women. Rebecca Solnit wrote (I paraphrase): There are more women who die from being beaten by their husbands or boyfriends while they are pregnant then there are women who die in childbirth. That is an example of misogyny - the hatred of women.

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