What is your opinion on the rise of Right Wing Populism?

Posted by: triangle.128k

Right wing populist parties have been on the rise in Europe, and Donald Trump can be seen as America's right wing populist leader. What most of these right wing populist parties have in common, is that they tend to oppose the EU, favor reforming immigration and keeping out refugees, a sense of nationalism and cultural assimilation of immigrants, and sometimes a Libertarian or "libertarian-ish" economic system.

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52% 11 votes
  • Its a good thing. Dispite common belief, the left is becoming too authoritarian and its time to return power to the citizens of whatever nation they reside. Brexit and the potential election of Donald Trump is just the beginning.

  • Yup

    Posted by: eZminT
  • I am genuinely frightened by a lot of these parties that are on the rise. The scariest in my view is the Golden Dawn, as shown in the above image.

  • Right-wing populism is dangerously nonprogressive. I'm sorry, but I don't want the world to be bumped back 50 years on the social timeline, and waste all the progress we have made on issues such as social security and gay marriage.

  • A lot of progressives are more friendly towards right wing populists than they are to standard conservatives, and that's actually pretty dangerous. If you really take a look at a political spectrum, it's pretty clear that conservatives and neoliberals want very little change. Progressives want liberal change and they want the political spectrum to move to the left. Right wing populists like Donald Trump and the UKIP want change but they want to move the spectrum to the right.

  • It's disgusting.

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BritishPollsGuy says2016-06-28T18:13:12.3873419Z
Right Wing Populism is not the same as Fascism and Nationalism. Parties like Golden Dawn or the National Front are dangerous and any right wing populist would generally agree with that. But parties like UKIP in the UK are right wing populist and are not dangerous. They just seek to end the European Union which is a problem.
triangle.128k says2016-06-29T06:20:00.9722965Z
@BritishPollsGuy Right Wing Populist groups generally have nationalist ideas, of putting their country ahead of globalist interests. Ending the European Union is not a problem either, especially considering how bureaucratic it is, and that it limits nations from fully self-governing themselves.

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