What most positively contributes to a child's education

Posted by: Shrikster

  • Books

  • Telivision

50% 10 votes
50% 10 votes
  • I gained most of my knowledge from TV (depends on what you watch) I watched shows far out of my age range when I was a kid. When I heard a word/phrase I did not understand, I ran to my computer to look up the meaning. It's the reason I have a good amount of vocabulary and writing skills.

  • Though I know that television can be a good way to learn, I believe that books tend to have a grater capacity to teach. However, it would appear that in the modern day children learn far more from TV, if only because they are more interested in it.

  • Generally, people (especially children) seem to be stronger influenced by information received from image, rather than from words. But I must say that I'm not convinced electronic education should replace books, because I believe that replacing books might harm our vocabulary (especially reading and writing skills)

  • TV is how I learned many things and even some teachers in school use it as a tool to teach rather than books. Watching a movie feels more fun than sitting and reading a book for hours. You can get the same information in a movie in less time than a book which could take days to read depending on how fast the person is. I know some people can read books in a couple hours but I don't think most can. TV is much more enjoyable.

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cyber_onions says2017-01-12T08:58:33.3753133Z
Why not both? TV shows can be educational, and reading fiction has shown to increase children's empathy. Also, 'television' is spelled wrong.
dana997 says2017-01-15T02:42:51.6950623Z
Both can be educational. Books, in my opinion, are slightly more advantageous when it comes to learning. As for TV, it call also be educational....Maybe not to the extent as books. It mostly depends on the kind of programs you watch and what exactly it is that you're retaining from TV.

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