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  • Shereical

  • Disc shaped

89% 32 votes
11% 4 votes
  • Because if the earth was completely flat there would be no magnetic field and there wouldn't be any mountains

  • Oh my god

    Posted by: Ozzie
  • The Earth isn't a perfect sphere, but it's definitely not flat.

  • I wanna know the idiots who said it was flat.

  • You can see what the Earth looks like from space, and even in our atmosphere. The images from NASA, SpaceX, and other space agencies show the Earth. The images show that it is spherical.

    Posted by: vAtes
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David_Debates says2017-01-13T20:21:34.2336369Z
Shereical? I think you mean spherical.
Lightbud13579 says2017-01-13T20:22:36.1153419Z
It's a disc shaped because I'm a scientist in the 1900s.
Anonymous says2017-01-13T20:23:45.2736369Z
Oops! My bad. Thanks for the heads up.
SonNOTsuN says2017-01-26T08:31:31.1348302Z
Actually the compass makes absolute more sense on the flat earth model. North in the Center, and South being every direction polar opposite of North, and all on a "must be kept flat and still" compass. On a Globe the needle would be pointing to the dirt on the southern hemisphere according to your own science. Let's ask the Pilots out there. By using the math of the supposed circumference of the Earth we should see "curvature" as soon as 2,500 ft up. When ascending higher than that up to 30k, what do you see? Never actually leaving a globe are you, just a plane as far as the eye can see. The "Globe" math makes little or no sense.
Taust says2017-02-02T09:03:29.8205908Z
Obviously the Earth is a torus. Who cares about any scientific evidence? I can just claim all of it is fake without giving any reason for this claim. NASA is trying to hide torus Earth from everyone even though people knew Earth was a sphere long before NASA existed. I can prove with an "experiment" that Earth is a torus. If you pour water on a donut, it will be absorbed, but if you pour it on a basketball it will fall off. This means water can only stay on a torus. Join the torus Earth society with members all over the donut. Anyone with an IQ between 0 and 50 can join!
BoomBox21 says2018-03-25T23:35:48.1579981Z
Your all dumb. The earth is a triangle

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