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A ball going around the Earth

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A luminescent disk

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John_C_1812 says2017-01-25T21:04:39.8656735Z
Flat! The moons shape is flat. Keep in mind visible truth does not dictate scientific explanation or detail.
Cat47 says2017-01-25T21:22:53.2072735Z
Then I think your answer is luminescent disk.
Edlvsjd says2017-01-25T21:35:17.4364735Z
Spheres that reflect light do so completely differently. Https://www.Beyond3d.Com/images/articles/Geometry/lighting-specular-sphere.Gif
starhammer says2017-01-25T22:01:47.7521357Z
What even is this question?
Cat47 says2017-01-25T22:03:06.6832735Z
@Starhammer Some people believe the moon is a luminescent disk... @Edlvsjd I'll look at that, but I'm not arguing in the comments section
Cat47 says2017-01-25T22:03:51.0964735Z
Um Edlvsjd is it just me or is the link broken
Edlvsjd says2017-01-25T23:23:47.7532735Z
Specular highlight look it up
Edlvsjd says2017-01-26T02:59:24.5836735Z
Not to mention those observers seeing the sun set would see a slightly different angle than those watching it rise.
Edlvsjd says2017-01-26T15:32:04.9124630Z
I'm not saying it's a disc either
Rooibaard13 says2017-02-01T12:57:48.1441318Z
Oblique spheroid.
Edlvsjd says2017-02-08T03:37:12.2952205Z
Cat, you voted twice on your own poll?

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