What should the fine be if you are caught without vaccinations?

Posted by: CatalyticConvertersRule

People are so "Pro Vaccine, " that it irritates me.

Poll closed on 9/16/2018 at 4:00PM.
  • $1000 fine because people don't get the message?

  • $50000 fine for people who offend three times?

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MitchV says2018-09-16T21:47:24.1210850Z
Depends on who or what catches it. For instance, If one of the viruses catches your child, The cost could be paralysis, Deafness, Brain damage, And even death. Basically, You would be lucky if it was only CPS that caught you. Back when I was a baby, Late 1970's, They didn't have an approved vaccine for whooping cough. My older siblings caught it and of course gave it to me. Seeing I was still only months old, My lungs weren't strong enough yet to cough up the mucus so several times a day (and night) I would stop breathing until they shoved a tube down by little throat to suck it out of my lungs. From what I'm told, I turned all kinds of colors in the process. One of the nurses (a nun) was so concerned about my condition that she pinned her Rosary to my pillow. Thankfully, I can't remember any of it but from what I was told, I came moments away from death several times a day for about a month. I can't imagine the emotional strain it put on my family, Especially my parents. Knowing that each night they left the hospital, If they would get that call in the middle of the night. But hey, If it sounds like a risk your willing to take, Remember, It's not just your money your putting at risk.
kyleniel says2018-09-16T22:50:14.6582246Z
No fines.
Forthelulz says2018-10-13T07:31:40.8635345Z
This is either an uncreative shitpost or a blatant strawman question. Either way, I would prefer to believe that the child suffering from nasty nasty diseases would be punishment enough for the parentses.
adam7777 says2018-10-15T21:37:47.9247149Z
No they have free will
chloeevelyn says2018-10-28T22:02:29.7243571Z
There should be no fine because in my school this girl had an allergic reaction to a vaccine and could’ve killed her, Consequently there shouldn’t be a fine
aj0723 says2018-11-01T16:07:51.6663887Z
No fine, People can parent as they please and do not need governmental intervention. Plain and simple.
SurjoGanguly2008 says2019-02-12T02:47:58.7429570Z
Not vaccinating also affects other people!
Bastett says2019-06-17T04:57:41.6345567Z
There should be no fine. Some people with compromised immune systems cannot safely have vaccines, Which is why the antivaccine movement is proving so dangerous. However, There should be limitations on how children whose parents chose not to vaccinate their children move through society. E. G. No public schooling, No public transit, Perhaps even fines for something as simple as shopping in person at the grocery store without a hazmat suit on (only kidding a little ;-). However, It is not the child with ignorant parents that is at fault. It is society, The educational and medical systems, And most especially, The parents of the unvaccinated (without just cause) child.

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