What would you do if you were the last human on earth?

Posted by: toastytoast

Pick which one you would mainly do...

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You steal survival stuff from a store, and go see the world with your pet dog.

21 votes

You say "I give up" and kill yourself because life isn't worth living

6 votes

You try to feed all animals of the world, and take care of them, as long as free them.

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CatalyticConvertersRule says2017-12-19T18:22:15.7000886Z
I've closely watched the behavior of dog owners since I was chased by one and bitten on my first day of school back when I was 4 years old. The hatred emanating from that thing - it was like a demonic entity. All one has to do is look into their eyes while they're barking at you and foaming from the mouth to see the sheer, utter hatred. They are WILD animals. And the way humans treat them! They *literally* put these barking, yappy mother******, cop helpers BEFORE humans!!! People who own the mean ones, are at LEAST 50% of the time - drug dealers. Also, if I were a Cop and came to someone's home and the thing was in my face like CUJO (ever see that movie?), I would shoot it too - like cops usually do. They are nothing but a nuisance; especially in closer, tighter knit communities - where you can literally reach out your window and touch your neighbor. Also, monkey see, monkey do. If someone's dog is annoying one neighbor, a lot of the time they themselves will go out and buy a mutt - just to have a "contest" of who can "piss off the neighbors more." I've seen it many times. Pitbulls, "rotties" and dobermans should be banned. Funny how dog owners whine about people owning CHICKENS, yet they'll eat chicken and chickens actually have many uses - food. I don't hate all dogs - but the fact that cities are forcing us to live closer and closer together (Agenda 21 - check it out) makes it real hard to get along with the owners. If you're living in the country, fine. But, still. They are all a possible danger; especially around babies. Everyone's so quick to give their baby 666 "shots" which are a total farce, but they never think the mutt might kill their child!!! I know a family who were FORCED to put their ENORMOUS, 100 lb. Mutt to sleep because it attacked their 5 year old!!! <This is what I'm talking about. They are a few bricks short of a load for keeping HUGE dogs near kids. The only reason they don't ban them is because "Police Officers" own them!!! Get a cat. It SsTFU!!!!
frankfurter50 says2017-12-19T19:25:17.5394620Z
I think there might be some other options... At least 10...
Swagnarok says2017-12-23T20:32:23.8899001Z
Whatever the heck I wanted.
Swagnarok says2017-12-23T20:36:54.1789653Z
If I were a woman, on the other hand, I would set about re-establishing the human race on planet earth.

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