Where do you stand on the black-white IQ gap?

Posted by: dietorangesoda

This subject may be controversial i know but it has always fascinated me and i'm willing to speak about it in a mature fashion

  • I agree with it

  • I disagree with it

67% 8 votes
33% 4 votes
  • It's real but it's because of income and environment, not race. There are White trash men who have lower IQs than bougiee Black men because those Black men had better resources to better their IQs.

  • White slave traders bred them to be compliant and not question things. Whites made blacks lower in IQ deliberately.

  • They have been economically disadvantaged by past acts of racism. As such, a lot of black parents can't afford to send their kids to the schools with the best results, while a larger proportion of white parents can afford for their kids to go to better schools. This is in addition to the fact that there are black neighborhoods and white neighborhoods even today, and the white neighborhoods are wealthy enough that local schools can get better teachers.

  • I do agree that there is distinct differences between races. I am a white guy, but i must accept defeat at the hands of Polish-Jews (no idea why there is a distinction between Jews and the Polish-Jews). And I also must accept defeat at the hands of many Asian races. But, I remain unscathed. I will continue working hard as hell, and exploring reality. If I find that the intelligent races fell into comfort, I will not be surprised.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-06-27T23:41:02.2163503Z
It exists, but it's based on environmental factors rather than genetic factors.
dietorangesoda says2016-06-27T23:58:25.9347879Z
Actually vox environmental factors have not been able to completely explain it away
David_Debates says2016-06-28T00:05:00.6173179Z
I honestly don't know enough about it. I am a believer that IQ changes based on what you do with your brain (aka use it or lose it), but I don't know enough to certify either side.
triangle.128k says2016-06-28T00:08:41.1990532Z
Calm down bball
triangle.128k says2016-06-28T00:20:33.9923605Z
IQ isn't an entirely accurate way to measure intelligence anyhows.
randomsage says2016-06-28T00:30:26.7725599Z
@dietorangesoda How so? Universities did check for Bios of IQ test takers and suggested it was EASIER to achieve a higher IQ than poorer people who couldn't. 40% of Blacks live in lower class areas, meaning they wouldn't've the EASE of means.
randomsage says2016-06-28T00:35:11.8992430Z
@traiangle.128k True. I heard a story about a man with Downs Syndrome that owned a restaurant and was able to run it efficiently by himself for over 6 years but most restaurants opening today will not last past 1 year. Smarts in your career field is more important that smarts overall.
dietorangesoda says2016-06-28T00:36:40.6805503Z
@randomsage thery did a large study in minnesota in the 80's i believe where they took black children who had been adopted by white middle class families and tested their scores and while they did score a few points higher then black children reared in black homes they still did not do as well as their white siblings nor the white children who were also tested proving that a better environment doesn't make all the difference aside from that studies have shown that low income white students still score higher on the SAT then middle class black students
triangle.128k says2016-06-28T00:56:00.1245300Z
A study in the 80s? Get with times DOS.
dietorangesoda says2016-06-28T01:29:41.8818899Z
The study isn't that dated look it up i believe it's called the minnesota project or something
randomsage says2016-06-28T02:11:38.6121238Z
@dietorangesoda That's the problem with that study - it only tested a small group of kids in minnosoda and was too specific to consider other factors like people in different kinds of neighborhoods and other places in the country. Princeston and other universities simply pulled up Bios about people who already have taken IQ tests and made the research after charting out the results. Black people perform closer to average because of their living situations and factors with their environment which limits the means to easily gaining IQ percentage and makes having a high IQ less important. Those Black kids you mentioned were mostly adopted and not raised in that environment starting off.
dietorangesoda says2016-06-28T07:02:09.2784481Z
Actually randomsage this study was actually a large one a smaller study was tested on biracial children in germany in 1945 and found the almost identical results in black and white children but forget this study what about the fact that low income white students score higher on SAT's then middle class and high income black students? These black children have not been adopted but were born into it instead
randomsage says2016-06-28T10:17:03.8040309Z
@dietorangesoda A IQ test system in Germany... In 1945... Hmm. I doubt there'd be many willing Black children to work with. :/
dietorangesoda says2016-06-28T23:26:05.3348635Z
It was white german mothers who had had children with black american WW2 soldiers so the children were half white the study found little difference between these children and white children however yes the study was small as there weren't many black children in germany
randomsage says2016-06-30T08:07:11.1711096Z
There's more to that. Nazis didn't have a favorable view of anyone Hitler didn't like.
triangle.128k says2016-06-30T17:55:46.7714869Z
Even if it were after the Nazi regime fell, there was still quite a bit of racism and nazism going around in Germany, which is why they suppressed pro-Nazi media. This is a study in 1945, and it couldn't have been any further than a few months after Nazi Germany fell.
dietorangesoda says2016-06-30T18:00:06.6535528Z
What does the timing have to do with it?
dietorangesoda says2016-07-04T23:46:03.7720239Z
@kreakin i don't think that's it i believe it has to do with the environment they were living in. Africa was very hot and there was no winter to worry about food was always easy to come by there was no need to develop any further then a certain point whereas whites and Asians were living in colder climates life was more difficult we were always having to come up with new technologies inventions and ways of doing things we couldn't live tribal the way they could in Africa i think simply the environment is what kept blacks "dumb" so to speak

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