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Moral values are in objective reality and we discover them.
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Human convention

Morality is man-made like the rules of a game.
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TheDragon5 says2017-07-01T22:24:54.6225546Z
ladiesman says2017-07-02T00:59:53.1053875Z
@TheDragon5 If God is the source of morality, then morality is arbitrary. And doing something just because God commands it is being obedient, not moral.
onlytwin says2017-07-04T17:07:19.6168278Z
Morals and ideas are a result of biology. Thoughts and the brain cannot be independent from each other. I wouldnt go as far to separate "nature" and "human convention" as if morals come from one and not the other.
SNP1 says2017-07-04T18:51:18.7933657Z
How about the option that "morality" doesn't actually exist in any meaningful way?
ChurnedCreamery says2017-07-06T07:28:46.7609432Z
Fair assessment, however showing that morality is relative and subjective (Absolute statements), one could only take the stance that morality is due to logical neccessity
ladiesman says2017-07-17T00:02:50.9982627Z
@Zoey1927 How does your comment relate to morality being artificial?
DNehlsen says2017-07-18T19:44:24.6819311Z
IANTITHEIST says2017-07-27T05:58:55.1977470Z
Sentience. Pleasure is good and displeasure is bad. It's self evidently true.
Purushadasa says2017-08-05T02:07:34.9680801Z
Without God, there could be no objective morality.
NDECD1441 says2017-08-05T02:22:14.9909623Z
To be honest, I dont think there is such thing as morality. It is just what people believe to be right. Then again, there is hardly right or wrong. It is all just the people's opinion
Write247365 says2017-08-30T15:54:37.0226064Z
I think morality is relative. Without a christian Bible, to tell people what morality should be, people would've been forced to come up with their own. Therefore, making morality a personal opinion, which I think is based off of an individuals level of empathy.
NDECD1441 says2017-10-28T02:29:25.7233471Z
There really is no such thing as morality. It really is the opinions of people.
ladiesman says2017-10-28T03:53:04.9323340Z
@NDECD1441 The problem with moral subjectivism is if morality is nothing more than subjective opinions, moral praising and blaming would be equivalent to praising a movie genre you enjoy and blaming one you dislike. And moral subjectivism claims moral judgments cannot be meaningful propositions one could argue about, they're neither right nor wrong. David Hume's emotive theory and A.J. Ayer's verification principle both argue this. Both theories do not explain the empirical data; people do meaningfully argue about right and wrong.
Antognzm says2017-11-23T06:42:41.3500757Z
Non. God is our metaphysical foundation

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