Which business model should be preferred? Co-ops or traditional businesses?

Posted by: Capitalistslave

Co-ops are businesses that are democratically controlled by all of the members of that business. There is no hierarchy in them. Traditional businesses are controlled by their shareholders and have a few people at the top of a hierarchy while workers are at the bottom.

  • Cooperatives(co-ops)

  • Traditional businesses

38% 5 votes
62% 8 votes
  • This is a bit of a simplification, But the job of a factory owner is to buy resources and labor for a low price, And sell them at a higher price. This is essentially a scam that decreases the motivation and harms the work ethic of the employees, And takes control over their own work lives away from them. Worker cooperatives are a real business model that solves these problems, And works even with people of different intelligence and skills.

  • There are things that can be learned from cooperative businesses for sure. But people differ in intelligence, skills, and entrepreneurship. Also democracy may hinder the full development of an entrepreneur's ideas. Still there are some good ideas that are often found in cooperative businesses. Information transparency for anything that doesn't have any particular reason to remain a secret is good. Having an online company forum to exchange ideas in is also an excellent idea, and then of course reward those who have the best ideas. Have the corporate charter and an explanation for the layout of the organization available online so members can consider these things when forming and presenting ideas.

  • The modern capitalist eorklace arose only 200 years ago. So its not "traditional" it outdid its competitors, so its probably best.

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