29% 20 votes
71% 49 votes
  • I don't know how this is a debate.

  • They are both cringes af by roblox is just slightly worse

  • Even though Roblox is a fun game, it doesn't mean it's better. It's obviously that Minecraft is WAY WAY WAY better than Roblox. Roblox is just a game where games play different types of games. Roblox's Good Things: You could play different types of worlds. Roblox's Bad Things: It is very laggy. It is almost like Minecraft, but way worse. They copied Minecraft. In waterslides, they don't sit down, they eventually stand up and lay down. Here are a few Minecraft's good and bad reasons. Good Reasons: You can build different types of things. It is not that laggy as Roblox. You can go in your friends worlds. There are different types of mini hunger games such as the hunger games(main one), the gliding one, etc. You could also build different types of structures and there are different types of blocks, foods, mobs, animals, loot, etc.

  • Because having experience with both, in my opinion, minecraft is a better game.

  • Don't know the other ^.^

  • oof. i rest my case

  • in minecraft you can do whatever you want and roblox is just yuck

  • Higher quality game, that is actually playable most of the time.

  • Wut...

    Posted by: Tr33k0
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