• Women

  • Men

39% 16 votes
61% 25 votes
  • Women have a higher average IQ, though fewer geniuses per capita. My vote goes to women. Plus even the men that are geniuses have no common sense.

    Posted by: Wylted
  • All women may be crazy, But men are idiots

  • I assume this is on average. In that case, women beat us in this race. They are above us in IQ, and they dominate the top classes. That's not to say specific individuals of men aren't geniuses, just that the average goes to the girls.

  • The education system is sexist and so is our government in favor of women.

  • female and education has nothing to do with it Haroush.

    Posted by: ramm55

  • Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Jesus Christ, etc. All men.

  • Accordingly to psychological studies done, men as a group is much stupider than women but also much smarter than women. One example: within STEM-fields most are males and most geniuses are males; women crowd the middle of the bell curve and thus rarely produce individuals of rare mental deficiency or brilliance. Possible to discuss whichever side's mental template is 'better' for eternity, please for sake of dignity just forego the discussion because female-male intelligence — there's several differences — do compliment each other rather well.

  • Pelosi, Feinstein, Wasserman-Schultz, all women.

  • It is tough to say, but men just because they have done more. Neither is actually smarter, but men have done more with it over the years

    Posted by: basils
  • Obviously. Men are one massive collective Papa Smurf to everything else.

  • Everyone has their moments, and both genders have their share of stupid people, but in a general sense, more women then men lack common sense.

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PericIes says2015-08-23T21:59:07.9293521Z
Neither is more intelligent. I haven't seen any convincing evidence otherwise.
Vox_Veritas says2015-08-23T22:04:04.0965171Z
There are smart women and stupid women, as well as smart men and stupid men. I shouldn't have to be pointing this out.
Midnight1131 says2015-08-23T22:23:43.1996089Z
Sigh, this nonsense again...
komododragon8 says2015-08-23T22:29:53.7778515Z
^ Pretty much what these guys said.
triangle.128k says2015-08-23T22:32:33.6507507Z
There should be "neither" as an option.
tommytom says2015-08-24T00:59:34.2335954Z
Let's provoke gender conflicts! *votes for my gender*
SirMaximus says2015-08-24T01:21:19.7377141Z
I agree with Pericles, Vox_Veritas, and triangle.128k.
Wylted says2015-08-24T01:29:20.4640401Z
Come on guys, you know women are smarter, don't make it personal.
Greg4586 says2015-08-24T01:30:15.5445986Z
It really doesn't matter. Just let the smartest people take the positions that they fit regardless of gender
Wylted says2015-08-24T01:30:43.3489653Z
There is a reason most women live longer, drink less, don't watch NASCAR and commit fewer crimes.
Vox_Veritas says2015-08-24T03:03:35.0756928Z
Women live longer because of an absence of testosterone, which is proven to naturally reduce male lifespan. Castration can severely increase a man's lifespan, probably beyond that of the average woman. In any case, shorter life span does not necessitate lesser intelligence, nor does heightened aggression necessarily. I'm more aggressive than most people and I don't see myself as having a lesser intelligence.
Vox_Veritas says2015-08-24T03:09:16.8521897Z
In a study done on 19th century Korean eunuchs, lifespan was on average 14-19 years longer than non-castrated males, including royalty and non-eunuch palace servants.
Vox_Veritas says2015-08-24T03:10:47.3033089Z
14-19 FREAKIN' YEARS! If you want to live to see the 22nd century start by chopping your wiener off.
PericIes says2015-08-24T05:35:11.9417394Z
*balls. Your dick doesn't produce testosterone, your balls do.
Heterodox says2015-08-24T12:16:46.1239451Z
Both are pretty stupid on average.
Donderpants says2015-08-24T12:18:27.8228885Z
I can agree with that!
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-24T14:26:00.8186324Z
Youre not comparing apples to apples!
Emilrose says2015-08-24T23:46:00.5523726Z
I really couldn't say, because there both appears to be equal amounts of female and male retards.
MyOpinionIsFact says2015-08-25T03:48:11.1221285Z
Who made this website? Bet it wasn't women lol.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-25T13:20:09.9700839Z
Well dont measure it based off quantity of stupid then ... Base your measure off of quality and brilliance that comes from the ones you think are/were smart.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-25T13:20:58.9709403Z
On average they might have the same amount of stupid ... But much higher spikes to their smart people.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-25T13:25:21.9936843Z
*picturing graphs here*
ramm55 says2015-08-26T13:27:37.8610590Z
Ultra conservative made a perfect example of why men are stupid.
emilievandb says2015-08-27T20:10:17.8888227Z
Seriously? Where is the neither option?
vim-vitae-spiritus says2016-11-26T03:53:47.9699792Z
Neither - it's a symbiosis - it's 50 - 50 % there Good on a few thing's n where good at a few thing's - there are men can't n female Can't - Thay are our other haft as we are there's - we complete each other - but i will admit there the sex to be most likely a smart ass
pollsrfun123 says2018-01-03T15:05:50.8149748Z
Wow women are cool, boys smell

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