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Which is better Great Britain or the US?

Posted by: 124275

  • Great Britain

  • The Us

36% 10 votes
64% 18 votes
  • america sucks..

  • People say that the British used to do all sorts of cruel things, but keep two things in mind. First of all, these were different times, and second of all, the Americans were no different. During the American Revolution, the Americans forced everyone to fight for them, and those who chose to stay neutral or oppose the Revolution, the Americans would kill them, starve them, dip them in boiling tar and feather them which could leave terrible health effects. And now, in modern times, America is causing wars for their own desires (oil), and making up lies about freedom and democracy.

  • >monarchy >2016

  • While the US has done a lot of bad things, the UK has done a lot worse and you could actually link a lot of the problems in Middle East to the British Empire and how it handled the dismantle of the Ottoman Empire.

  • US because Trump, And not Britain because of their god awful immigration politics

  • The British Empire used to strap people to cannons and blow them to bits. just sayin'

  • America is better because I live there.

  • i have to say united states is better than united kingdom because american women are better than british men.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-05-28T21:20:35.9237921Z
The UK still qualifies as a "great power", because it's taken quite a while for them to decline from their former height of global hegemon. Each passing decade they're a little weaker than they were before, so eventually they won't even be a great power.
triangle.128k says2016-05-28T22:04:20.0890524Z
@Vox One can hope they don't fall apart into 4 different countries. It would be in their best interests to have less centralization, or adopt a semi-confederacy if tensions are extreme enough.
Vict0rian says2016-05-29T01:50:33.0239566Z
Man... I hate them both :/
iamasuperuser123 says2016-05-29T03:17:03.3966783Z
This is the stupidest question ever.
triangle.128k says2016-05-29T03:17:55.4531617Z
@Vict0rian What country are you from then?
iamasuperuser123 says2016-05-29T07:22:41.5916247Z
What constitutes better? Such a broad and narrow question.
MWonderWolf says2016-06-13T04:42:44.5209901Z
Republican101, you simply said that America sucks. Why? And it could just be the Americas that suck, as you never even specified that it was the USA.

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