Which is better, Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?

Posted by: 100debater

Please vote (book series)

  • Harry Potter

  • Percy Jackson & the Olympians

42% 5 votes
58% 7 votes
  • Percy Jackson, I believe, is way better than Harry Potter. Percy has gods after him and monsters. Plus, he has to rely on his swordsmanship and skills. Harry has magic.

  • It is helpful for understanding Greek mythology, and the story plot is more interesting than HP. (Cause I really love Percy jackson, and I'm a fangirlXD) Demigods(especially LEO VALDEZ) are hot!!LOL

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AlphaFSPG107 says2016-05-31T20:40:37.9427543Z
Books: Harry Potter Movies: Percy Jackson
REDtrojan says2016-06-05T23:11:04.6176474Z
Percy Jackson movie sucked by the way and Harry Potter movie did well.. At least the 1st one did. Double edge sword loss for percy
REDtrojan says2016-06-05T23:14:00.1834236Z
Compare movies on rottentomatoes.Com it's so sad lol
Elizabeth998 says2016-10-31T23:58:57.7218797Z
Okay, you guys do know that movies dont matter, ITS ABOUT THE BOOK. To be honest, Harry Potter books were OK. I thought they were BORING. The movies to Harry Potter were good, but Percy Jackson books? Pffft, Harry Potter DOES NOT stand a chance. Percy Jackson has GODS, that have unlimited POWER, and wayyy more action. Percy Jackson is basically like Heaven versus Hell. Harry Potter is litterally just Dark and Good wizards fighting. Which one sounds more interesting? Heaven Vs Hell? Or Dark wizards vs good wizards?? GO PERCY JACKSON!
mbrownie says2016-12-04T04:51:32.5603719Z
The question was which is better, harry potter or percy jackson. I choose Percy Jackson's books. I completely disown the movies and I think Rick Riordian did too. I hate the Percy Jackson movies, but the question was which is better, not which movie was better. As much as I love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson is just the kind of fantasy I prefer- but I wouldn't say no to a good, strong cup of firewhiskey! It's just- there's a twist to every Percy Jackson book, and as the movie completely destroyed it, the books were a lot better. If we were comparing movies, Harry Potter wins by a lot because the Percy Jackson movies stinks.
YuminSeo says2017-06-06T13:20:04.8776486Z
For Percy jackson series, books are better than movies:)

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