Which is cuter on a girl,long hair or short hair?

Posted by: Crystal_aka_CJ

68 Total Votes

Long hair?

37 votes

It depends on the person

25 votes

Short hair?

6 votes
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Vox_Veritas says2015-10-08T22:54:43.1747662Z
It depends on the person.
DATXDUDE says2015-10-08T22:58:37.4600716Z
Yes. But based on the images for the answers, I would go for long hair.
Crystal_aka_CJ says2015-10-08T23:30:36.2293297Z
Yeah, I was going to put that as a option to,but I wasn't sure, sorry
krayracker says2015-10-09T02:36:37.7746293Z
Why not both? Https://www.Google.Com/search?Q=why+not+both+meme+generator&safe=active&espv=2&biw=2046&bih=1006&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAWoVChMI96Ht-Ky0yAIVzHo-Ch3mjgJ5&dpr=1.25#safe=active&tbm=isch&q=why+not+both+meme&imgrc=QugnKRFi4rKXEM%3A
HannahC2002 says2015-11-12T21:16:10.7972229Z
Who even cares? Looks shouldn't be important
Mister_Man says2015-11-12T22:29:41.4776223Z
@Hannah - "Looks shouldn't be important." Well unfortunately they are. So we should work with that.

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