Which is more important: Mental Health or Physical Health?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

Mental health is important because if ourminds get too occupied or randomly break down, we can go crazy and sometimes even asylum-crazy! But physical health is also important because our bodies need to function properly and stay in clean condition! Which do you think is more important? It's not an easy question!

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Mental health

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Physical health

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LordDeathera says2016-07-02T21:49:15.6783950Z
Physical health is certainly important, you need to stay healthy, however you can live without being an athlete. Mental health is very important, as having something like depression or other mental illnesses can lead to severe consequences. Plus, physical health issues is a lot easier to deal with than mental heal issues. Most things like anti-depressants merely push the the problem to one side, they don't get rid of it, that's why you have to keep taking them.

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