• Which pc is better

  • Whichpc is better

33% 11 votes
67% 22 votes
  • Mac Book Pro on the Left and windows on the right i pick Left

  • Nice design and lite weight... http://humhyderabad.com/

  • I love Microsoft better, but this device would function and run better than a surface pro. However, the Surface Pro is not a PC, it is a tablet designed to run as a computer. A better comparison would be a HP Pavilion to the Macbook, then the question is: What are the specs? My main PC has an i7 core processor with 12 Gig of ram and 1TB of memory, along with NVIDA Getforce GTX. That compared to this Macbook would be a sugnifigant difference.

  • pc stands for personal computer. a mac is every bit a pc as a computer running windows

  • First of all the left macbook isn't even a PC. Plus most windows products have beter specs than macintosh products

  • Microsoft is better for general everyday tasks, they also are more compatible with many different types of software. I will say macs do have better uses for business than microsoft and their interface is a bit better in my opinion but otherwise windows beats mac.

  • It more practical if you just want to use it as a tablet But sure you do you, boo...


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