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Russian Federation vs GUAM

GUAM is a collective association of nations who all share one thing in common. They have been invaded and occupied by Russia (Or Armenians backed by Russia), and still are today. The acronym stands for Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Moldova. Each...  nation is in a cold war type conflict with Russia. Georgian troops often clash with Russian agents in the breakaway republics of Osettia and Abkhazia (Which also have Russian troops). Ukraine forces have captured 60 Russian agents in east Ukraine and Crimea. Azerbaijan is in a war with Armenia, who is backed by Russian troops, claiming that Armenia has right over some of Azerbaijans land. Finally, Moldova, which is fighting the breakaway republic of Transinistria, a communist dictatorship with 2000 Russian troops inside   more
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Republic of India vs Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Seriously tense conflict dating back 70 years, with a troubling partition of India. The Republic of India claims that it has rights over kashmir, due to a treaty signed with a prince (Who the UN has stated was coerced), Pakistan claims rights over K... ashmir, as the population is Islam, and India has committed near 50 crimes against humanities to the populace their. 3 million have fled to Pakistan due to killings committed by Indian police, who people claim are being ordered toby corrupt politicians. Whomever is in the right here, it doesn't really matter. The UN has refused to draw up an official border, instead making a ceasefire line   more
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Democratic People's Republic of Korea vs Republic of Korea

Seriously ill secession war, with both parties supporting a one korea policy. Made even more tense by the introduction of nukes and constant missile strikes in each countries coast lines. NK is aided by China and Russia, while SK is aided by US and ... other possible allies   more
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State of Eritrea vs Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

The UN has stated it is most worried about a possible war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Eritrea is ran by a brutal dictator who hasn't held one election in 20 years, and constantly tortures and executes dissidents or just random citizens, Eritrea ha... s death squads that roam the streets after curfew purging people. Ethiopia uses this as justification to their claim on Eritrea, as they were united before and after Italy came. Both sides have a total war policy, and following Eritrea law, everybody will be conscripted in the event of war. Constant advances are made through asawa and dijbouti around UN forces in an attempt to push their cold advances   more
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People's Republic of China vs Republic of China (Taiwan)

This is also one of the most volatile conflicts. Both sides have claim on each other's countries, and have 1000's of missile bases that are designed to take out each others cities. China would obviously win in a invasion, but Taiwan has a security s... ystem that will counter strike almost every major military or urban center in China all the way up to Mongolia. China said it will use military force if it has to, and any nation who shows open support to Taiwan will face serious "repercussions", and then implied wa   more
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People's Republic of China vs Republic of India

China has two claims on India soil, which led it to make alliances with Bhutan, Nepal, and Pakistan for territory in Kashmir and the Himilaya's. This situation has also led to two wars in the past couple decades.
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Gustav_Adolf_II says2014-06-20T19:58:16.5855349-05:00
What about hostile alien invasion?
ChosenWolff says2014-06-20T22:24:10.8973750-05:00
DPRK isn't communist. They're fascist. Ever heard of Juche? Hardcore fascist philosophy, not to mention they purged every word relating to socialism and communism from their constitution.

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