Which was the better sitcom: Seinfeld or Friends?

You can compare them using subjective opinion and ratings/viewer stats to help you decide which was the better sitcom.

  • Seinfeld

  • Friends

51% 44 votes
49% 43 votes
  • I can understand someone liking 'Friends' more than 'Seinfeld,' but for the former to be beating the latter by 73-27 is ridiculous. While 'Friends' was funny, it was never very innovative. It was a pretty standard sitcom about the lives of people in New York. 'Seinfeld,' on the other hand, was extremely influential, and had writing and casting that beat 'Friends' by a landslide.

    Posted by: Werdna
  • I do like freinds but seinfeild is funnier

    Posted by: Ncon
  • The characters were very well developed, and they had flaws and were not predictable. For example, Kramer on his own had more plot twists than in the entire Friends run.

  • seinfeld all the way

  • Comparing it to friends is ridiculous

  • George Castanza. Need I say more. Oh wait I will say more, Newman.

  • Friends has hopelessly dated itself; the main sources of humor in Seinfeld, however, be it wit or the commentary on life's lack of happy endings, remain timeless and hilarious.

    Posted by: CIM96
  • Giddyup

  • you have to understand that this show pioneered so many things in the entertainment industry that i can't see any show being able to top it. On top of turning television into an accepting and understanding concept, It was extremely well written and hilarious. No competition

  • Man, I really like both of these shows but I've been with "Friends" for a while longer and I just feel that the characters have grown more throughout the series in this show than "Seinfeld." I love having a lot of characters and personalities in one show together and "Friends" really has that. It has a great balance between humor and serious parts in the show. "Friends" is my favorite.

  • "How you doin?"

  • Because more people picked it? Spam vote...

  • Hands down friends, love the characters and the show. I never really got into Seinfeld. I can relate to friends. They are a lot funnier then Seinfeld.

    Posted by: laywa
  • It's very close, but I would prefer Friends over Seinfeld.

  • I say friends because if you went looking for either, you'll be more likely to find friends because it plays for several hours a day.

  • friends is an unbeatable show that i watched growing up

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SPENCERJOYAGE14 says2013-11-20T13:45:35.1482653-06:00
Not seen ether.
Ben_Franklin_II says2014-02-01T18:41:06.7567600-06:00
To me every Seinfeld seems the exact same. WHO. ARE. THESE. PEOPLE?! Jerry seinfeld himself is about as funny as a root canal. Terrible stand up jokes, the only ones phony on the show are kramer and the people around him. I cant stand to watch old seinfeld episodes for reason #1. On Friends there are at least lots hot chicks.
UtherPenguin says2015-04-01T18:52:05.4276920-05:00
Necroposting lol

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