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Who is better looking. Dan howell or Phil leicester

Posted by: lolking78

10 Total Votes

Dan Howell is better looking

7 votes

Phil Leicester is better looking

3 votes
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fangirling-oreo says2016-11-03T00:45:17.6130519Z
Okay, first of all, you spelled Phil's last name wrong it's LESTER not leicester wtf second of all, they are both equally good looking, if not, Phil more. Also, it shouldn't matter which one of them is more "good looking" you shallow a hole. I bet your one of those "dan girls" or what ever tf you guys call yourselves. Well guess what?? Girls who hate on Phil, Dan hates. He's said it himself. Dan is the LEADER of the Phil LESTER defense squad. "I'm Phil trash #1" said by Dan Howell Lastly, check yourself before you wreck yourself, did you know #sexyamazingphil was a hashtag once? Yep. But #sexydanisnotonfire was not. Stop being rude, Phil Lester definitely lives up to his title, AmazingPhil it doesn't matter if one of them is "more good looking" (which btw they are both equally good looking, like i said before) it's about the content! Oh, but I'm sorry, you're too shallow to realize it.
Rhin says2016-12-14T14:54:03.9820240Z
Dan is hotter. Phil is cuter

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