Who is more better of a news anchor, Sean Hannity or Bill o'reilly

Posted by: Abdw2

94 Total Votes

Bill o'Reilly

59 votes

Sean Hannity

35 votes
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themightyindividual says2016-03-22T01:13:23.4375232Z
You are in the No Spin Zone!
TBR says2016-03-22T18:59:40.2960862Z
Neither is a "news anchor" you know. Like, really. They are opinion shows. You understand the difference right?
Black-Jesus says2016-03-23T03:41:09.7530564Z
I'd really rather eat my own vomit than listen to either one, but I guess I'd rather watch O' Reilly because he's kind of like a clown for me to have a good, cynical laugh.
Sam7411 says2016-03-28T02:56:55.4960473Z
Really though, ya may not agree with O'Reilly but he is a a much more influential, tougher, intelligent, charitable (Wounded Warriors perhaps) funny(Don't be a Pinhead Show), and interesting character than Hannity. Watching Hannity's show is as entertaining a twisting out water from a rag with his fake special interest forums
Sam7411 says2016-03-28T02:59:24.7890043Z
Not be crude...
jglass841 says2016-04-05T12:34:48.6947189Z
More better...
PericIes says2016-04-17T05:08:30.4802101Z
Neither of these people are news anchors. They are talk show hosts.
Skynet says2016-04-20T03:27:02.6536400Z
We don't have national news anchors in the US. They're all talk show hosts.
LzrdWzrd says2016-04-20T14:17:23.4345065Z
Neither of them really
Alec_W_Rhodes says2016-04-30T02:44:50.6573306Z
Which bias catholic faux news employee is the biggest shithead? This is a really tough decision... Oh wait no its not! The answer is neither!
maslow says2016-05-18T20:21:30.4081684Z
There are no words to express how these two individuals contribute to the undevelopment of news or education.
Book_3 says2016-05-18T20:59:47.3512923Z
Bill is better but far from the best

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