Who won the War of 1812?

Posted by: TheBilbo1

The United Kingdom or the United States of America

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • United States of America

36% 10 votes
64% 18 votes
  • This poll needs a "Draw" option. If I had to pick one though I'd say the UK by a knife's edge, simply because the US was the aggressor and failed to truly gain anything even though they had a colossal advantage in the first half of the war.

  • UK actually won the war behind the scenes. The war was started by the English under the guises of the US because Jefferson did not renew The Bank Of US Charter which refers to central banking and FRB controlled by England in the US, i.e. England Central Bank owns Central Bank of US, therefore owns economy of US, much like today the FDR is controlled by international bankers and not the US. After the war ended (1815) it isnt a surprise that the 2nd US Central Bank was created in 1816. It was able to create bank notes at will although backed by specie, it was exempt from any tax by states. Its worth noting two governments thereafter tried to stop the bank from expanding by prohibiting branches in their states. Note the FDR is not owned by the US, and 1.3 trillion debt is in China/China's Banks who all have prospered through international bankers with great knowledge of banking and commidities. The US has been plundered by the bankers, now they will try for China but will fail.

  • The White House got burnt down for the only time in its entire history.

    Posted by: Horsey
  • The US failed it goal of invading Canada and it didn't remove a huge amount of British resources from fighting the Napoleonic wars.

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Anonymous says2016-03-16T15:45:38.7299763Z
Neither. It's agreed with most Historians as a tie, other than that, it would be considered a British victory. America certainly did not win in either case.
PetersSmith says2016-03-16T17:27:58.7872568Z
Never forget 1812 #warplanred
PericIes says2016-03-17T02:20:03.7774674Z
Everything returned to the status quo. That is basically the definition of a tie.
TheDom275 says2016-04-14T09:17:47.5020982Z
Nobody won anything, nobody beat anyone. It was a tie more than anything.

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