• Donald Trump

  • Hillary Clinton

53% 23 votes
47% 20 votes
  • EZ choice...

  • To be honest, there both awful choices, Would prefer Bernie over Trump and Hillary.

  • $#@* Crooked Hillary

  • Hillary should be in Jail

  • We have Hillary Clinton, who wanted to sell 20% of our uranium to Russia, blamed white racism for the deaths of five cops, was one of the prime contributors for what happened in bengazi, attempted to use gender as a legitimate reason for governing, defied the supreme court, and admitted to being a Goldwater supporter. Or Donald J. Trump, who had a single racially biased club at a time when it would have been otherwise unsuccessful, created a shorter more lenient immigration ban which was hated and based off of his predecessors longer ban which was loved, MAY have indirectly interfered with the election, MAY sound offensive depending on how you take his statements, and he wishes to build a wall that all data shows would be very effective. Ladies and gentlemen, let's make the polls great again.

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ladiesman says2016-05-28T04:34:19.8368039Z
Trump is unqualified to be the commander in chief for these main reasons; his arrogance, xenophobia, lack of political experience and solutions and he has no idea how politics works.
harrytruman says2016-05-28T04:38:47.3819489Z
How is trump arrogant?
harrytruman says2016-05-28T04:39:24.1518560Z
How is he Xenophobic?
harrytruman says2016-05-28T04:40:13.2303998Z
Also, trump has a lot of experience as well as solutions.
BrendanD19 says2016-05-28T16:36:23.9484703Z
Neither p, I'm voting for Jill Stein
ladiesman says2016-05-28T17:41:39.0969442Z
@harrytruman He has experience as a businessman, not as a politician. Politics and business do not operate the same way. In Trump's occupation, he can tell someone to do something and they'll do it, but democracy doesn't work like that.
harrytruman says2016-05-28T17:54:16.3344213Z
Not direct democracy, but we live in a republic. Besides, all the *experienced* politicians were the ones that brought all these issues onto us in the first place, why would not being one of those politicians be a bad thing?
ladiesman says2016-05-28T18:34:46.5959998Z
The deteriation of our political system and the general populace's disatisfaction is Trump's main weapon. But what he's proposing will just bring more harm than good.
harrytruman says2016-05-28T18:46:14.1392071Z
How so? Would you like to debate that subject?
harrytruman says2016-05-28T18:47:02.9051197Z
And you never answered my question, how is trump either arrogant or xenophobic?
ladiesman says2016-05-28T18:59:00.8570071Z
Have you listened to Trump's comments about Mexicans, Muslims, Syrian refugees, etc.? "Mexicans are rapists", "All Muslims hate us", "Refugees are snakes". If that's not bigoted, I don't know what is. What he's proposing to deal with Islamic extremists is discriminatory.
SirMaximus says2016-05-30T00:57:37.6453478Z
How about Gary Johnson? He's way better than either of those authoritarians.
ladiesman says2016-06-05T18:19:30.2698605Z
The commander in chief is supposed to follow and preserve the Constitution, Trump's proposals are throwing it out the window.
shawnmccaul22 says2016-12-20T22:50:18.7583678Z
I would rather vote for theses emoticons than either choice 🔪 💩🚽🌞
Johnator says2017-02-15T15:40:45.3989388Z
Trump has respectable ideals but he just has his foot in his mouth all the time making him look bad.
Anonymous says2017-03-09T23:37:04.9132050Z
Anonymous says2017-03-09T23:38:27.3124050Z
You Can't Impeach Him if He's #NotYourPresident!
SegBeg says2017-07-11T12:00:04.4638790Z
Opinions have changed. Donald Trump is definately the lesser of two evils!!!

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