Who would be best fit to run in the 2020 election?

Posted by: AdmiralSupreme

Many people have expressed interest in running in the 2020 election. Who do you think would be best fit to run?

64 Total Votes

Donald Trump

29 votes

Bernie Sanders

13 votes

Hilliary Clinton

7 votes

Dwayne Johnson

5 votes

Ted Cruz

5 votes
1 comment

Joe Biden

4 votes

Jack Fellure

1 vote
1 comment

Steve Bannon

0 votes
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PinkSheep123 says2018-02-27T00:31:59.4371111Z
Why is the rock not on here he's running?
AdmiralSupreme says2018-02-27T02:43:39.8543111Z
Added him, but the photo won't load
TheMorningsStar says2018-02-27T03:39:52.8623622Z
Despite not liking him too much, Adam Kokesh. Much better than any of these guys.
Wyatt283 says2018-02-27T15:16:01.4337270Z
Ben Shapiro may be running.
tylerxn says2018-03-09T04:12:19.8109065Z
I believe Ben Shapiro said he will run in 2024 so he doesn't interfere with a possible Donald Trump reelection
Observer001 says2018-04-04T19:15:52.7641279Z
People still picked Trump. Guns to teachers. Just saying.
mattj11111 says2018-04-06T01:20:13.5345917Z
Not many good options here. I would like to see Ben Shapiro if he runs.
asta says2018-04-30T03:12:06.9087710Z
I am deciding between: Ben Shapiro Ben Carson Mike Pence
DeepInThought says2018-05-02T11:16:23.4382874Z
My cat would make a better candidate than most of these people. He would take a stand... To get to his food bowl. He is not Trump He would only role over for belly rubs. He is not Clinton He would take a bite out of crime, and your hand. He is not Putin He is multi cultural, and will partake in the dog friend ship ritual of drinking out of the toilet. O thank God he's not Ted Cruz He would be great at diplomatic affaires, because no one could say no to that face. Seriously Praise be, he's not Ted Cruz And let's just be honest, he would be less destructive than most of these people on the list. (and that's saying a lot, he's a tornado with fur) And he's not Ted Cruz.
MarkUts says2018-06-03T15:52:16.4879121Z
If Ben Shapiro runs his debates with candidates will be so much fun to watch
asfda says2018-12-08T04:57:48.0063319Z
Ben shapiro likely is never going to run. You have to be a professional liar to go into politics.

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