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Arganger says2018-02-26T17:46:44.2036965Z
Probably neither. Both are inanimate.
acecasefromspace says2018-02-27T05:42:09.6922319Z
There's a difference between sex and gender, so technically both can be correct.
Negotiate says2018-02-27T07:08:13.3379111Z
To get down to the point, I believe that it would be beneficial if we had a actual text book title to refer to. Reason being is that Biology books have changed over the years. All sorts of textbooks exist, some covering sex/gender, some not. In fact, provides an online textbook that does not cover sex/gender and rather uses simply "male and female." I wonder if this question were worded to say a "Anatomy book," vs. "63 Genders and 8 ( correct me if i'm wrong) Sexes" if that wouldn't solve the issue of sex vs. Gender in this debate. Thanks for the read guys, and have a great week!
Cacady555 says2018-03-14T21:26:56.8550528Z
Come on. Gender and sexes are two different things.
TheAnonymousOpinionGiver says2018-06-22T12:12:49.9519693Z
Why should we care what other people do? It's their lives, so as long as they're not hurting anyone, let them identify as whatever they want.
Negotiate says2018-06-22T19:08:39.3409693Z
@TheAnonymousOpinionGiver, Because they are forcing their identities upon us. They force us to use "they/them," they angrily scold politicians and protest them to pass laws for them, from what I have seen they detest the "cis-gender straights," etc. The LGBTQ is a hurtful organization to those who agree with the biological fact that there are only two genders.
smokey0990 says2018-06-22T21:37:54.4629693Z
It's exactly as Negotiate says, people have the right to call themselves whatever they wish. But when they start expecting others to go along with them and criticize anyone who does not. That is when it becomes a problem. Personally I agree with a lot of what the LGBTQ community stands for, or at least what it used to stand for. But we don't get to invent new genders, we can say there are new genders all we want, that does not make it so. The unchangeable fact of biology is that there are only 2 genders (possibly 3 if the rare hermaphrodite is an actual thing for humanity, but I'm not too sure about that) regardless of our beliefs, there certainly are not 60+ genders in reality, this is biological fact. It doesn't matter how much I believe that humans can breathe water, the water will still drown me if I try. The fact that the LGBTQ movement has invented new labels to condemn people who don't ignore biological facts was a huge disappointment to me, especially when many in that same movement have been preaching for a "post label" society for years.
asfda says2018-12-08T03:25:41.4319598Z
What the LGBTQ community does is disassociate sex from its life giving properties, And children from a mother or father for their benefit. . Forcing entire communities, Schools, Societies to carry out their delusions, And restructure society around their convenience. Reality is, The natural family has to die in order for this one to live. Its rights over obligation, Choice over duty.

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